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Bird Repeller

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  1. Spiral Bird Deterrents - Set of 4

    …holographic spiral bird deterrents spin in the wind, their reflective mylar flashes in the sun—and the bright flicker scares birds away without harm or hassle. A simple, effective way to deter pest birds from gardens, orchards, sheds and patios, the colorful bird repellent spirals are also…

    Spiral Bird Deterrents - Set of 4



  2. Magnetic Bird Deterrent

    …and scares birds who can't determine whether it's moving or still, safe or threatening. The harmless, shiny reflections also bother birds' eyes, helping keep them away from your garden, fruit trees or landscaping. Durable and suitable for year-round use; simply hang this bird repellent wherever you…

    Magnetic Bird Deterrent



  3. Bird Repellent Scare Tape by Pest-B-Gone™

    This bird repellent scare tape by Pest-B-Gone™'s holographic design flashes in the sun to disorient and scare birds—while reflecting and dispersing light to discourage them from landing. The shimmery bird tape also creates a startling noise when flapping in the wind, reinforcing birds' instinctive…

    Bird Repellent Scare Tape by Pest-B-Gone™



  4. Squirrel Repellent - Set of 3

    …squirrel repellent create a scent that squirrels and chipmunks avoid, keeping them off birdfeeders and away from gardens. Just hang a pouch of this bird-friendly squirrel deterrent formula anywhere you need protection. Squirrel chasers come in a set of three. Each natural squirrel repellent measures…

    Squirrel Repellent - Set of 3



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