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  1. Healthful™ Naturals Lavender Essential Oil, 30 ml

    Besides its soft floral scent, Healthful™ Naturals lavender essential oil boasts a wealth of natural therapeutic properties—helping calm and relax the mind, soothe skin and ease muscle tension. Steam distilled from flowering lavender shrubs, this French lavender oil is standardized to have a minimum…

    Healthful™ Naturals Lavender Essential Oil, 30 ml



  2. Healthful™ Soothing Chest Cream

    Rub Healthful™ Soothing Chest Cream into your chest to help minimize discomfort quickly. Herbal skin cream with fruit and root extracts helps thin chest mucus, reduces coughing and phlegm buildup. Lung relief cream contains 4 oz.

    Healthful™ Soothing Chest Cream



  3. Healthful™ Naturals Mole Remover - 15 ml

    …birthmarks, age spots and freckles—working safely and easily without pain or scarring. Formulated with gentle, yet effective botanical ingredients, Healthful™ Naturals mole remover is your natural solution for clearer skin. Simply apply this homeopathic remedy three times daily, and moles or spots…

    Healthful™ Naturals Mole Remover - 15 ml



  4. Beautyful™ Hyaluronic Cream

    Only the finest rejuvenating ingredients go into this Beautyful™ Hyaluronic Cream. Hyaluronic acid, squalane, jojoba oil and apricot oil deliver crucial moisture back into the skin and encourage the growth of new collagen fibers. Moisture is drawn into your skin, hydrating cells and giving you a…

    Beautyful™ Hyaluronic Cream



  5. Retinol Advanced Firming Cream

    Generous, convenient pump jar lets you enjoy the industry’s number one clinically proven ingredient at a fraction of the cost. Retinol works by stimulating skin cell turnover, resulting in fresh, new skin for a vibrant, youthful look. 16 oz.

    Retinol Advanced Firming Cream



  6. Healthful™ Bruise Cream

    Anti-inflammatory Healthful™ bruise cream calms, moisturizes and soothes distressed skin and tissue. Natural ingredients, including Vitamin K and Horse Chestnut Extract, support capillary health and aid in fading and healing. Non-greasy formula absorbs completely. Bruise healing cream contains 4 oz.

    Healthful™ Bruise Cream



  7. Easy Reach Back and Body Washcloth™

    With the reach of a towel and ease of a washcloth, this Easy Reach Back and Body Washcloth™ extends all the way around your back—simply grab the washcloth with both hands for a thorough, easy scrub, reaching that elusive middle of your back! No more bending, twisting or straining to clean…

    Easy Reach Back and Body Washcloth™



  8. Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment

    This macadamia oil hair treatment instantly absorbs to provide resiliency and shine to hair, leaving your locks noticeably softer. The hair moisturizer seals damaged and brittle hair, protecting strands and providing strength to the hair shaft prior to styling. Ideal for all hair types, the…

    Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment



  9. NativeRemedies® Focus ADDult - 2 oz.

    …full adult dosage (0.50 mL three times daily) will last 40 days. \nCaution: If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children. \nHow long until I see benefits?…

    NativeRemedies® Focus ADDult - 2 oz.



  10. Hair Brush Cleaner

    Hair brush cleaner is one of Fuller's expert tools. Cleans hair brushes, keeping you looking your best! Hairbrush cleaner has special wires that grab embedded hair from hair brush in seconds. 2 1/2" long.

    Hair Brush Cleaner



  11. Anti Feathering Lipstick Base

    …smooth, conditioning anti feathering lipstick base is your key to gorgeous lips that won’t fade or feather! To keep lipstick from feathering, simply apply this lipstick base beneath your favorite lipstick for smudge-free color that lasts—stretching your beauty budget. Swivel-style tube; .15 ounces.

    Anti Feathering Lipstick Base



  12. Toe Straightener

    Toe straightener is an important step toward proper alignment, stride and posture. Comfortable, elasticized toe band gently supports and eases toes into proper position to help alleviate crooked toes, hammer toes and other conditions. Minimalist design fits discreetly under socks and can be worn…

    Toe Straightener



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