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Licorice Candy

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  1. Licorice Pastels

    These classic licorice pastels boast the flavor of memories ... pleasing licorice lovers for generations. Featuring soft, chewy black licorice centers covered in crisp candy shells, the black licorice candy offers sweet satisfaction for kids of all ages—dressing up your candy dish in bright assorted…

    Licorice Pastels



  2. Licorice Caramel Creams®

    …these come-back Licorice Caramel Creams® are now called “BEST EVER”, “PURE HEAVEN” and “MINE” by black licorice lovers! Boasting full-bodied, licorice-flavored caramel wrapped around a creamy sweet fondant center, the iconic bulls eye candy is still made by Goetze’s candy company ... and bull’s-eye…

    Licorice Caramel Creams®



  3. Licorice Allsorts

    licorice allsorts boast true sweet-shop taste of yesteryear with healthy goodness of today. English licorice allsorts are all made with natural colors and flavors and no added salt. Licorice allsorts candy assortment includes classic favorites like aniseed jelly buttons, coconut rolls, licorice

    Licorice Allsorts



  4. Licorice Wheels

    …unravel for a long-lasting whip or bite right into the tightly wound disc, these red and black licorice wheels deliver soft, chewy fun ... rolled up with sweet memories. Delighting tastebuds for decades, these iconic treats boast true licorice texture and classic flavor that’s irresistible! 5.29 oz.

    Licorice Wheels



  5. Jelly Belly® Black Licorice Mix

    …Belly® black licorice mix ... and for good reason! Delivering true black licorice flavor in assorted textures, the classic gourmet jelly bean mix includes black licorice beans, black licorice buttons and nonpareil buttons topped with colorful candy seeds. Best of all, each luscious licorice treasure…

    Jelly Belly® Black Licorice Mix



  6. Necco® Wafers Refill Candy, 10 oz.

    …favorite nostalgic candy. During World War II, the famous Necco® candy wafers were shipped overseas so U.S. troops could enjoy a little taste of home. Necco® Wafers refill candy are just as enjoyable today in seven all natural original flavors—lemon, orange, clove, cinnamon, licorice, chocolate,…

    Necco® Wafers Refill Candy, 10 oz.



  7. Scottie Dogs® Black Licorice, 11.5 oz.

    …of licorice expertise, the Gimbal confectioners handcraft these cute, little Scottie Dogs in the old world tradition, using real licorice root and pure anise. The taste is intense ... and amazing! Made from only the finest ingredients, these soft, chewy candies are bursting with flavor no licorice

    Scottie Dogs® Black Licorice, 11.5 oz.



  8. Hammond's® Old Fashioned Licorice Drops Tin - 10 oz.

    Treating licorice lovers to genuine, intense flavor, these hard candy drops are made with real licorice root for a taste that’s authentic and complex—a delicious upgrade from “flavored” versions. Cooked slowly in copper kettles, the generous size drops deliver bold, black licorice goodness sure to…

    Hammond's® Old Fashioned Licorice Drops Tin - 10 oz.



  9. Anise Squares

    These nostalgic anise squares boast the goodness of Anise, a sweet, aromatic spice with black licorice flavor ... distinctively delicious, and known to freshen breath. The long-lasting hard candy squares are neatly nestled in shiny red wrappers and perfect for candy dish, pocket or purse. 12 oz.

    Anise Squares



  10. Jelly Belly® Licorice Beans

    Licorice fans can indulge without reservation, knowing every bean in this bunch delivers true black licorice goodness! Bursting with rare, intense black licorice flavor, Jelly Belly® Licorice Beans boast soft, chewy texture ... and since the whole bag is licorice, you can devour by the handful…

    Jelly Belly® Licorice Beans



  11. Taffy Town® Licorice Lovers Taffy Canister

    …... Taffy Town®'s gourmet saltwater taffy now treats your tastebuds to flavors of classic red and black licorice! Boasting pure licorice goodness in each chewy treasure, the Taffy Town® Licorice Lover's taffy canister is a triumph of confection genius, since artisans use a special whipping process…

    Taffy Town® Licorice Lovers Taffy Canister



  12. Nostalgic Candy Tin Trio

    candy shop again! Mrs. Kimball’s Candy Shoppe Nostalgic Candy Mix Keepsake includes Banana Split Chews, Bit-O-Honey, Tootsie Roll, Goetze Caramel Creams and Dad’s Root Beer Barrels—all individually wrapped and nestled in our decorative, keepsake tin. 8.5 oz. Delightful as always, Mary Jane® candies

    Nostalgic Candy Tin Trio



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