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Nerve Pain Relief

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  1. Healthful™ Naturals Nerve Pain Relief, 59 ml

    …forward with Healthful™ Naturals nerve pain relief! Topical homeopathic remedy with 100% natural ingredients soothes symptoms associated with occasional nerve pain, such as tingling and burning in the hands or feet. Ideal for those with poor circulation or nerve damage caused by aging or medical…

    Healthful™ Naturals Nerve Pain Relief, 59 ml



  2. Watkins™ Red Liniment

    …liniment original, breakthrough formula introduced by J.R. Watkins in 1868. Topical pain relief is fast-absorbing, all-natural blend of camphor and capsicum (red pepper extract) stimulates heat-sensitive nerve receptors—relieving sore, stiff muscles and joints. 11 fl. oz. Auto refill every 60 days.

    Watkins™ Red Liniment



  3. NativeRemedies® Headache Soothe™ - 2 oz.

    …lack of nerve power, sluggish conditions of the mind and exhausted mental states following continued exertion or great emotional strain. \nMag phos 6X HPUS: anti-spasmodic, white nerve fibers of nerves and muscles, deficiency will cause spasms and cramps, giving rise to neuralgic pains; causes…

    NativeRemedies® Headache Soothe™ - 2 oz.



  4. BeActive® Brace

    …tension, the BeActive® brace offers quick relief from lower back pain—easing discomfort in back, buttocks and legs. The secret? Its patented calf wrap's pressure pad targets firm compression to sciatic nerve tension points just below your knee, stopping pain in its tracks. Helping you get back to an…

    BeActive® Brace



  5. Sciatica Saddle Pillow

    This sciatica saddle pillow's bicycle-seat shape helps relieve sharp, radiating pain and discomfort caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. Its gently sloping surface redistributes weight off thighs and buttocks—preventing sciatic compression while encouraging proper seating posture and spine…

    Sciatica Saddle Pillow



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