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  1. Trellis Netting

    …off the ground to prevent rotting, maximizes garden space and gives climbing plants room to grow. Reach-through mesh makes it easy to tend to vegetables, tomatoes, flowers and vines. Strong 60-lb. strength nylon is 5' x 15'. Produce healthier, more plentiful harvests...reap rewards earlier, too.

    Trellis Netting



  2. Money Tree

    Blooming with fins, ten-spots, Benjamins or whatever style greenbacks you "plant", this money tree offers rich rewards for fun, thoughtful giving! Perfect for holidays, birthdays, retirement or any occasion, the 100% metal tree features bendable branches with looped ends that hold bills, checks,…

    Money Tree



  3. Spearmint Jelly Leaves

    …mint lovers since the 1950s, the chewy, sugared spearmint jelly leaves old fashion candy owes its ultra-fresh flavor to pure spearmint oil. The cool, jelly-like centers reward you with a burst of sweet, minty goodness, lingering on your taste buds for a good, long time. 1.5 lb. of jelly candy.

    Spearmint Jelly Leaves



  4. Rubélia Golden Beauty Revive and Lift Night Cream

    …proven to fight wrinkles and revive a fatigued complexion. Hyaluronic acid helps skin stay hydrated, preserving skin density. Regular use will reward you with smoother, firmer, more beautiful skin. To use, apply every evening onto well-cleansed and dried skin on the face and neck area. *…

    Rubélia Golden Beauty Revive and Lift Night Cream



  5. Brain Games® 10-Minute Sudoku Puzzles

    …break may be all it takes to help maintain mental fitness, since Sudoku puzzles help you relax and concentrate while stimulating your brain and rewarding you with a sense of accomplishment. Spiral binding keeps this softcover Brain Games book flat during use. 192 pages with 2-color answer key in…

    Brain Games® 10-Minute Sudoku Puzzles



  6. Personalized Teddy Bear Bank

    …and rubber stopper at the bottom for withdrawals, this coin bank is destined for years of allowance savings, lucky pennies and Tooth Fairy rewards. We'll personalize for one young saver—and you'll cash in on a thoughtful gift! Specify color: blue or pink Specify name; limit 1 line, 10…

    Personalized Teddy Bear Bank



  7. Spin About™ Cat Toy and Treat Dispenser

    Giving kitty plenty of healthy exercise, mental stimulation and YUMMY rewards, the Spin About™ Cat Toy and Treat Dispenser features a spontaneous spinning feather wand plus a laser beam that randomly blinks on and off—all while holding and erratically dispensing treats you place inside! It's a ball…

    Spin About™ Cat Toy and Treat Dispenser



  8. Dark Chocolate Mocha Coffee Cups

    Gourmet chocolate and rich mocha filling are molded into these fun dark chocolate mocha coffee cups—rewarding chocolate lovers and coffee fans with smooth, satisfying goodness. Perfect for giving or serving, these dreamy, creamy confections are wonderfully addictive! 6 oz.

    Dark Chocolate Mocha Coffee Cups



  9. Lattice Balls with Bells, Set of 4

    …plays. All four multi-colored cat play toys feature a flexible lattice pattern, allowing you to insert a treat, revving up the fun with an added reward. The lightweight plastic balls with bells entice cats to play, helping stimulate their natural hunting instincts and promote healthy exercise. Set…

    Lattice Balls with Bells, Set of 4



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