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  1. Tummy Liners with Anti-Slip Comfort Dots, Set of 2

    …comfort dots stay in place—comforting you without budging or slipping. Tucking gently beneath the abdominal fold, they absorb perspiration, prevent chafing and keep skin healthy. Specify size: (medium-23"L), (large-27"L), (XL-32"L) or (XXL-36"L). Machine wash. Imported. Set of 2 stomach sweat bands.

    Tummy Liners with Anti-Slip Comfort Dots, Set of 2



  2. NativeRemedies® Sweat-Less™ - 2 oz.

    …on the surface of the skin * Reduces excessive facial sweating * Relieves clamminess, including sweaty palms and sweaty head * Controls excessive perspiration by balancing body fluids * Curbs the emotional triggers of sweating Sweat-Less is a safe, non-addictive, natural remedy containing…

    NativeRemedies® Sweat-Less™ - 2 oz.



  3. Cotton Terry Mattress Protector

    …Hypoallergenic, breathable, 100% cotton terry top protects against perspiration, dust mites and bacteria. Quiet, waterproof polyurethane barrier stops sweat and leaks from reaching your mattress. Available in twin, full, queen or king — all with extra-deep elasticized pockets for a secure fit.…

    Cotton Terry Mattress Protector



  4. Bamboo Mattress Protector

    …of bamboo. Breathable bamboo mattress protector wicks away moisture so you sleep in cool comfort. Hypoallergenic bamboo/polyester blend protects against dust mites and bacteria while the quiet, waterproof polyurethane barrier stops sweat and stains from reaching your mattress. Machine wash.

    Bamboo Mattress Protector



  5. NativeRemedies® VertiFree™ - 180 Tablets

    * Relieves sensations of vertigo, spinning or swaying * Relieves dizziness, nausea, sweating and vomiting * Reduces ringing, roaring or whooshing sensations in the ears * Relieves feelings of disorientation, unsteadiness and wooziness * Helps maintain normal fluid levels in the inner ear VertiFree™…

    NativeRemedies® VertiFree™ - 180 Tablets



  6. Bedding/Fabric Freshener by LivingSURE, 24 oz.

    …between washings using Bedding/Fabric Freshener by LivingSURE. Biodegradable, non-toxic, and pet-safe fabric refresher treats odors caused by sweat, incontinence, and more. Simply spray on bedding, cushions, clothing, and other fabrics and allow to dry — for a fresh, pleasant scent with no heavy…

    Bedding/Fabric Freshener by LivingSURE, 24 oz.



  7. Auto Seat Towel Cover

    When you're heading home from the beach, gym or yoga class, this Auto Seat Towel Cover protects your vehicle's upholstery from water, sweat, suntan lotion—and potential damage they can cause. The car seat towel easily hooks around seat head, with a universal fit that works with most cars, trucks,…

    Auto Seat Towel Cover



  8. Rotating 5-Piece Scrubber Set

    Enjoy gleaming kitchen and bath surfaces without breaking a sweat! This Rotating 5-Piece Scrubber rotates up to 50 times per second to power away dirt and grime up to 2 times faster than manual scrubbing. Throw away your old toothbrush and let this powerful scrub brush set do the work for you on…

    Rotating 5-Piece Scrubber Set



  9. Fitness Goose Outfit

    Inspired by workout wear from the 80s, our Fitness Goose Outfit will take you back to the days when "Sweating to the Oldies" was all the rage! Just like the neon-bright spandex you rocked while doing the grapevine in aerobics class, the nostalgic goose costume features a hot pink unitard with a…

    Fitness Goose Outfit



  10. Copper 30 Oz. Travel Tumbler

    Whether you like ‘em hot or cold, this insulated Copper 30 Oz. Travel Tumbler keeps your beverages at the right temperature ALL DAY! Made of sweat-proof, double-wall stainless steel with a copper finish, this jumbo travel mug holds up to 30 oz. yet its narrow bottom fits most standard cup holders.…

    Copper 30 Oz. Travel Tumbler



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