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Toe Straightener

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  1. Silver Steps™ Toe Straightener, 1 Pair

    …the way your feet look and feel. Silver Steps™ toe straighteners help keep toes divided and aligned for improved comfort, balance and foot health. As they gently separate, stretch and strengthen, these toe spacers help correct crooked, overlapping toes that can lead to blisters, bunions, hammertoes…

    Silver Steps™ Toe Straightener, 1 Pair



  2. Visco-Gel® ToeBuddy® - Set of 2

    …overlapping toes causing pain, blisters and corns—Visco-Gel® ToeBuddy® toe spacers loop around both “opposing parties”, easing pressure and cushioning sensitive skin so both sides win. Recommended by doctors to gently realign and straighten toes for instant relief, the soft double-loop toe separator…

    Visco-Gel® ToeBuddy® - Set of 2



  3. Toe Straightening Wraps - Set of 2

    Toe wraps gently support and realign to ease pain and pressure caused by crowded, overlapping or hammer toes. Soft, easy-to-apply foam of toe wrap relieves corns and calluses and is thin enough to wear with shoes. One size fits all. Set of 2; each 4 1/8" L x 15/16" tapered. Washable, nylon-covered…

    Toe Straightening Wraps - Set of 2



  4. Toe Straightener

    Toe straightener is an important step toward proper alignment, stride and posture. Comfortable, elasticized toe band gently supports and eases toes into proper position to help alleviate crooked toes, hammer toes and other conditions. Minimalist design fits discreetly under socks and can be worn…

    Toe Straightener



  5. Gel Bunion Toe Wrap

    …gel wedge that gently cradles and aligns the big toe to soothe discomfort from crooked or overlapping toes, hammertoes and more. As this toe support aligns your big toe, it gently stretches tight tendons and muscles and may help straighten toes over time. Secure-close wrap is safe and comfortable…

    Gel Bunion Toe Wrap



  6. Silver Steps™ Gel Bunion Toe Spreader With Loop, 1 Pair

    …on your bunion joint! Comfortably cushioning friction and irritation, this bunion toe spreader also helps separate overlapping toes and straighten crooked toes, securing with a stretchy gel loop. Silicone; hand wash. Pair includes 1 bunion toe straightener for right foot and 1 for left foot.

    Silver Steps™ Gel Bunion Toe Spreader With Loop, 1 Pair



  7. Silver Steps™ Antibacterial Triple Loop Separator, 1 Pair

    …well and staying fresh, wash after wash. Triple-loop toe spacer gently divides, realigns and helps correct crooked, hammer or overlapping toes while cushioning sensitive skin and relieving discomfort. The flexible gel toe straightener stretches for a comfortable fit, with or without socks.…

    Silver Steps™ Antibacterial Triple Loop Separator, 1 Pair



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