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  1. Dermelect® Cleavage Contour Cream - 4 Oz.

    Dermelect® cleavage contour cream is formulated with anti-aging coQ10 and Vitamins A, C, and E. This body firming cream smooths fine lines, enhances elasticity, and lifts and firms skin for a younger-looking bust. 4 oz.

    Dermelect® Cleavage Contour Cream - 4 Oz.



  2. Retinol Anti-Aging Sheet Masks

    …the face, delivering visible results. Retinol exfoliates and helps improve skin texture, while vitamin B5 nourishes skin and soothes irritation. Hydrolyzed collagen hydrates and moisturizes, and vitamin E helps protect and replenish. After cleansing, press the anti aging face mask gently onto face…

    Retinol Anti-Aging Sheet Masks



  3. Vitamin E 2-in-1 Thick Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

    Transforming fine, thinning hair into thick and volumized, this replenishing Vitamin E 2-in-1 thick hair shampoo and conditioner offers intense therapy in one easy step! Its multi-beneficial ingredients provide strengthening moisture to help thicken and protect hair shafts, leaving hair soft,…

    Vitamin E 2-in-1 Thick Hair Shampoo and Conditioner



  4. 6-Section Pill Organizer

    …into just one. This seemingly ordinary pill dispenser organizer actually has six pill containers inside. Just twist the rotating cap on this medication organizer to select which pill to dispense. Neat, easy and safe, this organizer can also be used as a vitamin dispenser. Plastic. Measures 4" high.

    6-Section Pill Organizer



  5. Healthful™ Calming Leg Cream

    Massage this non-greasy cream onto feet and legs to help naturally relieve uncomfortable and disruptive sensations. Its soothing flower extracts, vitamins A and E and essential oils help promote relaxation for better sleep. 4 oz.

    Healthful™ Calming Leg Cream



  6. Skincare Cosmetics® Retinol Night Cream

    …retinol night cream helps visibly improve resilience. Skin feels smooth and refreshed when you awaken. Skincare Cosmetics® retinol night cream is Fortified with 400,000 I.U.’s Vitamin A and grape seed extract for a luminous, even-toned complexion. Contains 1.7 oz. Auto refill every 90 days.

    Skincare Cosmetics® Retinol Night Cream



  7. Nail Growth with Vitamin E + Calcium

    Say goodbye to short, weak, brittle nails. Nail Growth with Vitamin E + Calcium nail strengthener is fortified with calcium and vitamin E to encourage strong, healthy nail growth. The bioactive nail serum nourishes nails and creates a protective barrier, allowing the nail bed to grow strong and…

    Nail Growth with Vitamin E + Calcium



  8. 7-Day Facelift Retinol Serum

    …supercharged skin serum's dream team boosts cellular regeneration and collagen production as Vitamin E conditions, Tamarind Extract plumps and hydrates, Vitamin A minimizes pores and fades age spots, Vitamin C brightens, firms and strengthens skin structure and Macadamia offers luxurious hydration.…

    7-Day Facelift Retinol Serum



  9. Healthful™ Bruise Cream

    Anti-inflammatory Healthful™ bruise cream calms, moisturizes and soothes distressed skin and tissue. Natural ingredients, including Vitamin K and Horse Chestnut Extract, support capillary health and aid in fading and healing. Non-greasy formula absorbs completely. Bruise healing cream contains 4 oz.

    Healthful™ Bruise Cream



  10. Anti-Aging Hand Lotion

    Anti-aging hand lotion with antioxidants and retinol penetrates deeply to combat the aging process and help fade dark spots. Nongreasy anti-aging hand treatment also contains vitamin A and SPF 20. 4 oz. Auto refill every 60 days.

    Anti-Aging Hand Lotion



  11. Skincare Cosmetics Retinol Anti-Aging Oil

    …look younger! Retinol (vitamin A), is key to the magic in this anti aging treatment ... it exfoliates, renews, boosts collagen and elastin, minimizes the look of lines and wrinkles, improves uneven skin tone and boosts radiance. A combination of vitamin C, argan oil (vitamin E), African marula,…

    Skincare Cosmetics Retinol Anti-Aging Oil



  12. Noxidoxi Detox Cleanser and Makeup Remover

    …Formulated with natural oils and vitamins, this makeup cleanser resurfaces the skin, smoothes the complexion and restores natural balance. Olive oil and almond oil nourish the skin with vitamin E and antioxidants, making the skin smoother and softer. Vitamin C adds antioxidant action that slows…

    Noxidoxi Detox Cleanser and Makeup Remover



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