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Handicap Placard Hanger

Handicap Placard Hanger

…searching the glove box for your placard or any other parking pass. With the handicap placard hanger it can be conveniently stored in the sturdy plastic sleeve and hanging from your rear view mirror after you have parked. Handicap placard protector is made of clear plastic and has built-in hanger; 4 3/4…
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Handicap Visor Pocket

Handicap Visor Pocket

Description Store handicap placard on vehicle visor for unobstructed driving—flip visor down and swivel permit out for easy display! Clear plastic sleeve of handicap visor pocket stores placard behind Velcro strap; elastic strap secures to any size visor. Includes storage pocket. 13 1/2" long x 6 1…
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Raised Toilet Seat

Raised Toilet Seat

Description Raised toilet seat means sitting down doesn’t have to be a strain. Raising the toilet seat 4" is a big help when you have limited mobility, back or hip problems. Durable elevated toilet seat in thick plastic has easy-fit contoured surface; wipes clean.
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Slanted Seat Cushion

Slanted Seat Cushion

Slanted seat cushion fits snugly on your car seat. This car seat cushion boosts your eyes above the steering wheel. Good for shorter passengers and to improve older cars where seats have "settled in." Dense foam with black cover gives back support. 16" x 13" deep, from 1" to 3" thick. Extra covers…
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