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  1. Animal Repeller by Scare-D-Pest™

    repeller uses one 9V battery (not included). 5" long.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"This ultrasonic Animal Repeller by Scare-D-Pest™ uses high-frequency sound to deter animals from your yard without harming them or the environment. Safe, humane and silent to humans, Animal Repeller’s

    Animal Repeller by Scare-D-Pest™



  2. Bird Scarer Spirals, Set of 6

    …owls or feathered intruders who destroy fruit trees and berry bushes, bird repeller spirals work their magic while lending a decorative touch to any outdoor setting. Simply hang the weather-resistant spinning bird repeller from tree branches, fences, deck railings, eaves, patio umbrellas and more.…

    Bird Scarer Spirals, Set of 6



  3. Solar Animal Repeller by Scare-D-Pest™

    …motion-activated repeller will flash its LED lights and emit ultrasonic sound waves to drive unwanted birds, mice, squirrels, dogs, cats and more out of your yard or garden. No harmful chemicals, complicated wiring or costly electric bills are required for this ultrasonic animal repeller ... and its…

    Solar Animal Repeller by Scare-D-Pest™



  4. Owl Reflector by Scare-D-Pest™

    …critters away; Holographic design appears to be in motion at all times; Includes large bell at the bottom for pest- repelling noise; Includes hanging string"}]

    Owl Reflector by Scare-D-Pest™



  5. Solar Mole Repeller by Scare-D-Pest™

    …sun's natural power, this humane Solar Mole Repeller by Scare-D-Pest™ is designed to help rid your yard of pests without chemicals or harm. When charged in the sunlight, the ground stake gives off a low, audible beep and sonic pulse meant to repel moles, gophers and other burrowing rodents,…

    Solar Mole Repeller by Scare-D-Pest™



  6. Sonic Mole Chaser

    …rodents, this Sonic Mole Chaser works without traps, poison or hassle. Safe for pets, people and the environment, the battery-operated mole repellent stake emits penetrating 300 Hz sonic pulses in 15-second intervals—a vibration that's incredibly irritating to sound-sensitive moles, gophers,…

    Sonic Mole Chaser



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