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  1. Mini Cake Nonstick Pans by Chef's Pride – Set of 2

    Bake a dozen fancy little cakes this set of 2 Mini Cake Nonstick Pans, and expect delicious, impressive results—thanks to even-heating carbon steel surface and nonstick interiors. Featuring 6 mini cake wells with swirled edges, each durable baking pan distributes heat evenly for uniform baking ……

    Mini Cake Nonstick Pans by Chef's Pride – Set of 2



  2. Batter Dispenser

    Waffles, pancakes, cupcakes: Our Batter Pourer/Dispenser is a great way to minimize mess and simplify your cooking process. Trying to add batter to a pan or cups from a bowl can cause a lot of messy problems; with our 4-cup batter pourer and batter dispenser, you'll enjoy perfectly sized portions…

    Batter Dispenser



  3. Toaster Oven Pans by Home-Style Kitchen ™ - Set of 3

    …toaster oven pans save energy and money! No need to heat up the big oven. Grill steaks, fish or chicken on the broiler pan with drip tray. Bake stuffed peppers using the oven pan. French fries stay crispy on the screen pan. Heavy gauge and improved non-stick coating means these pans will last, use…

    Toaster Oven Pans by Home-Style Kitchen ™ - Set of 3



  4. Individual Ceramic Pie Pans, Set of 4

    Beautifully crafted of high gloss ceramic, these Individual Ceramic Pie Pans lend a touch of elegance and vibrance to any meal. Unique in design, yet classic in form, each individual pie pan features a ribbed design all around with graceful scallop trim in turquoise, red, yellow and navy for a fun…

    Individual Ceramic Pie Pans, Set of 4



  5. Betty Crocker® Microwave Brownie Maker

    …brownie pan includes an ingredient container, so you won't need additional measuring tools. Simply add ingredients to marked fill lines, pour into baking pan, stir, microwave 3-and-a-half minutes and enjoy! No scraping burnt pans, washing messy bowls or waiting 40 minutes for oven baking. Made of…

    Betty Crocker® Microwave Brownie Maker



  6. Oven Crisper Pan

    …making dinner or you're reheating leftover foods on this Oven Crisper Pan, you'll love how they turn out. Bake your items to perfection — without the use of oils and fats. With our oven crisper pan for onion rings, French fry baking sheet and ovenware pizza crisping sheet, your options are endless.…

    Oven Crisper Pan



  7. Home Marketplace™ Enameled Cast Iron & Porcelain Cleaner

    …porcelain cookware, Home Marketplace™ Enameled Cast Iron & Porcelain Cleaner also cleans sinks, drip bowls, pans and trim rings. Made exclusively for us in the USA, the innovative pot and pan cleaner utilizes a special blend of polishing agents and surfactants—and does NOT contain dyes, fragrances,…

    Home Marketplace™ Enameled Cast Iron & Porcelain Cleaner



  8. Donut Baking Pan

    …and bake up 6 perfect donuts, complete with donut holes in the center. Enjoy your light, delicious donuts plain, or top with icing and decorate with sprinkles and nuts for added fun. The durable nonstick metal donut baking tray provides easy release and quick cleanup. Dishwasher safe. Bake donuts…

    Donut Baking Pan



  9. Mega Scoop/Spatula

    …board to fry pan in one quick trip! Easily transferring ingredients from work surface to pan or bowl, the large offset spatula's oversized design is a full 7 3/4" wide and features raised sides to keep foods onboard. Its tapered edge easily slides beneath food to pick up baked goods with ease,…

    Mega Scoop/Spatula



  10. Loaf Bread Liners, Set of 12

    Bake a variety of homemade breads in these non-stick loaf pan liners, and skip the messy cleanups! Pre-cut to fit standard loaf pans, the wax-coated paper liners feature crimped sides to accommodate expanding dough while baking, and easily remove freshly baked breads from the pan without leaving one…

    Loaf Bread Liners, Set of 12



  11. Silicone Spatula/Whisk Scraper

    …back to the bowl. The smooth side of the spatula scraper works great for frosting cakes and cupcakes, scraping batter from mixing bowl to muffin pan and more. The seamless, solid, one-piece design is flexible and durable—crafted of silicone with stainless steel core. Safe for use with glass,…

    Silicone Spatula/Whisk Scraper



  12. Parchment Paper Baking Sheets by Chef's Pride

    …Great for baking cookies, roasting vegetables and lining cake pans to prevent sticking, the convenient baking sheets mean you won't have to fuss with tearing paper off a bulky, curly roll—and the non-stick parchment paper surface means even delicate or sticky rolls slide right off the pan without…

    Parchment Paper Baking Sheets by Chef's Pride



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