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  1. Hands-free Can Opener

    Fully automatic hands-free can opener is the easiest way to open cans. Just press the button and watch as this electric can opener “walks around” the rim, leaving smooth edges. Save time in the kitchen thanks to the ingenious design of this hands free electric can opener that leaves your hands free…

    Hands-free Can Opener



  2. Clamshell Package Opener

    …packaging that can cut the skin as well as for the dangerous knives and other utensils we tend to reach for when the going gets tough. Stop struggling with these clamshell packages: buy the OpenX® Clamshell Package Opener tool and free your product in a matter of seconds. It also opens CDs, boxes,…

    Clamshell Package Opener



  3. 2 in 1 No Touch Tool

    …quick and easy portable tool that allows you to avoid contact with those surfaces that you don't want to touch. This compact no-touch tool folds and can be added to backpacks, purses, briefcases and more. Stay contact free each and every day — wherever you go. This handy, clever tool is a must-have…

    2 in 1 No Touch Tool



  4. Easy Crank Can Opener

    …other can openers on the market; many of our customers say that this easy-to-use crank can opener is easier to operate than many electric models. What's even better is that this manual crank can opener can be used anytime — even if power outages are an issue in your city. This crank-style can opener

    Easy Crank Can Opener



  5. Bag O'Blooms® Strawberries

    …round openings so that the entire root system is covered with dirt, while leaving the top of the plant sticking out of the hole.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"By adding moist potting soil and everbearing \u0022Ozark Beauty\u0022 strawberry plants to Bag O\u0027Blooms® you can quickly…

    Bag O'Blooms® Strawberries



  6. Easy Twist Jar Opener

    Those jars and bottles can be vexing for everyone — not just for those with weak hands, arthritis or conditions that make getting a good grip difficult. Our easy twist jar opener makes opening jars, bottles and prescription bottles simple, whatever their size. This easy-to-use and easy-to-handle jar…

    Easy Twist Jar Opener



  7. Split-Toe Flip Flop Socks, 1 Pair

    …crew socks separate the big toe from the rest, so you can wear them with any thong-style sandal or regular shoes or boots. Perfect for staying prepared for any weather during travel or for anyone with swollen feet or injuries that require an open shoe. One size fits most men and women. toe socks…

    Split-Toe Flip Flop Socks, 1 Pair



  8. Easy Open Baggy Holder

    …bags once to know that the old method of holding the bag open with one hand while trying to maneuver the food inside the bag with the other can be a recipe for disaster! These clever baggy racks hold the mouth of your plastic bags wide open and allow you the use of BOTH hands when filling your…

    Easy Open Baggy Holder



  9. Drying Rack Wall Lean or Two-Sided Fold

    Perfect for small-space living, this versatile wall drying rack can be used practically anywhere! Open the laundry drying rack to full length and lean it against a bathroom or laundry room wall to air-dry towels and clothing. Or fold the clothes drying rack in half to create a self-standing 2-sided…

    Drying Rack Wall Lean or Two-Sided Fold



  10. Ring Pull Can Opener

    …to open pop-top cans quickly and easily. With our ring pull can opener tool, you won't have to struggle to figure out how to open a pop-top can any longer — this plastic cool kitchen tool opens pop-top cans in an instant. Simply slip slide the hook of this useful kitchen tool under the can's ring…

    Ring Pull Can Opener



  11. Dr. Kinash™ Epsom Salt Cream, 8 oz.

    …Infused with Epsom salt, the moisturizing cream can help relax muscles and soothe aches, pains and soreness. Dr. Kinash™ science-based formulations and ingredients are trusted remedies with guaranteed results. For external use only. Do not use on open wounds. 8 oz.Water, Stearic Acid, Glycerin,…

    Dr. Kinash™ Epsom Salt Cream, 8 oz.



  12. Decorative Sweater Silvertone Clasp

    …LBD. The pressure-loaded clasps on either end are easy to open and close, and they're lined with plastic gripper teeth that keep cloth in place without snagging or damaging it. This isn't just a clasp to hold sweaters together, though! It can attach mittens to a coat, cinch the back of a shapeless…

    Decorative Sweater Silvertone Clasp



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