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Five Flavors

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  1. Toffee Assortment 10 oz.

    Shining like treasures in bright, fancy foil, this luscious toffee assortment offers soft, chewy pleasure in five sweet, candy-shop flavors. With maple, butter rum, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry to choose from, the individually wrapped gourmet toffee will be the star of any candy dish ... and…

    Toffee Assortment 10 oz.



  2. Fruity Sour Balls, 18 oz.

    …glossy globes look like ordinary hard candy in classic fruit flavors, but once they melt in your mouth, they treat tastebuds to that mild, but tangy sourness you'll remember. The nostalgic Fruity Sour Balls come in assorted flavors of lemon, lime, orange, grape and cherry. Individually wrapped…

    Fruity Sour Balls, 18 oz.



  3. Jelly Belly® Krispy Kreme® Gift Pack 4.25 oz.

    Treating you to 5 gourmet flavors inspired by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Jelly Belly® tasting has never "bean" sweeter! Featuring Original Glazed, Strawberry Iced, Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles, Glazed Blueberry Cake and Cinnamon Apple Filled gourmet jelly beans in a fun, bakery-inspired box, this…

    Jelly Belly® Krispy Kreme® Gift Pack 4.25 oz.



  4. Jack'snak™ Spicy, 13oz.

    Boasting a royal flush of robust flavor, this zesty Jack'snak™ spicy snack mix features honey roasted sesame chips, honey roasted peanuts, hot churritos and cajun corn sticks. Treating your tastebuds to a bold kick of flavor and satisfying texture, the crunchy, spicy party mix is packed fresh in a…

    Jack'snak™ Spicy, 13oz.



  5. Multi Function Turkey & Barbeque Baster Set by Chef's Pride

    …or liquid seasonings—adding flavor and moisture to smoked, barbecued or grilled foods from the inside out. The silicone basting brush also attaches to end of the basting tube or directly to many sauce bottles for smooth, even coverage and delicious distribution of flavor. For added convenience, the…

    Multi Function Turkey & Barbeque Baster Set by Chef's Pride



  6. Home Marketplace™ Automatic Drip Coffeemaker Cleaner

    …specially formulated to remove hard water deposits, caffeine residue and stains from your automatic drip coffeemaker—helping you enjoy rich, robust flavor in every morning cup! Also effectively cleaning coffee pots and ceramic mugs, the Earth-friendly coffee pot cleaner is made exclusively for us in…

    Home Marketplace™ Automatic Drip Coffeemaker Cleaner



  7. Assorted Fruit Flavor Slices, 24 oz.

    Treating you to five juicy fruit flavors, these soft Assorted Fruit Flavor Slices are shaped like fruit wedges, finished with sparkling sugar, and just as delicious as you recall. Made the old-fashioned way in small batches, the nostalgic candy jelly favorites come in a classic assortment of cherry,…

    Assorted Fruit Flavor Slices, 24 oz.



  8. Jelly Belly® Fruit Sours, 5.7 oz.

    …Sours redefine "the art of TART" … and these chewy candies pack a sour little twist in all five fruity flavors! Just sour enough to bring a smile to your face (with perhaps a hint of pucker), the flavors of this fruit candy include Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Sour Grape, Sour Lemon and Sour Orange.…

    Jelly Belly® Fruit Sours, 5.7 oz.



  9. Twelve Cocoas Of Christmas

    …set is embossed with foil and opens to reveal 12 packages of award-winning cocoa flavors to delight connoisseurs. Each packet of this hot cocoa gift set makes 1 cup. Dubbed The Twelve Cocoas of Christmas, this hot chocolate assortment box contains four flavors with three packages of each flavor.

    Twelve Cocoas Of Christmas



  10. Giant Gum Drops 24 oz.

    …boast big fruity flavor in a variety of colors and sugar sanded for a sweet finish. Satisfying your sweet tooth in a big way, the large, luscious gumdrops are the hit of any candy dish, and perfect for gingerbread houses, seasonal treats and old-fashioned gumdrop trees. Flavors include: pineapple,…

    Giant Gum Drops 24 oz.



  11. Taffy Town® Taffy Lite™ Sugar Free Taffy, 5 oz.

    This luscious saltwater taffy has all the flavor and whipped-nougat texture that’s made Taffy Town® famous—minus the sugar! Taffy Town® Taffy Lite™ Sugar-Free Taffy is created using the same special whipping process and extra-long batch conditioning perfected by Taffy Town back in 1916, and you’ll…

    Taffy Town® Taffy Lite™ Sugar Free Taffy, 5 oz.



  12. Twelve Teas of Christmas

    A deliciously aromatic tea gift set for all lovers of fine teas. Ashby's® Teas of London has assembled this holiday tea sampler; teas of Christmas with 12 flavors of fine black, green, and herbal teas. You get four bags of each flavor, 48 tea bags in all. 10" long x 11" wide x 1 1/2" high.

    Twelve Teas of Christmas



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