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  1. Flower Mat, Ground Cover, Creeping Thyme

    …cover plants and finding ground cover flowers have never been so easy, thanks to Miles Kimball and our selection of creeping thyme ground cover roll-out garden mats. Each 17" x 5' pre-seeded creeping thyme roll-out mat contains hundreds of creeping thyme seeds. Just place these thyme ground cover…

    Flower Mat, Ground Cover, Creeping Thyme



  2. Yankee Doodle Lilac

    The fragrant purple flowers adorning the lilac bush in late spring means summer is just around the corner. Common Lilac is a beloved ornamental plant in gardens and parks due to its attractive, sweet fragrance. Its beautiful flower clusters make wonderful cut flowers and pair well with peonies and…

    Yankee Doodle Lilac



  3. Yucca Adam's Needle

    …a tropical looking plant with sword-like, succulent foliage. In early to midsummer, a tall dramatic flowering stalk will appear from this beautiful foliage with bell-shaped creamy white flowers. Yucca makes a lovely border or accent plant providing a year-round focal point. It is also drought…

    Yucca Adam's Needle



  4. Seed Stones Cut Flowers Mixture

    …organic Seed Stones. Made in the USA.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Simply drop these pre-seeded stones into the soil to create an old-fashioned cutting garden with heirloom flowers your grandmother may have grown! Chosen for their beauty and heritage, the premium heirloom flower seeds

    Seed Stones Cut Flowers Mixture



  5. Sunflower Garden Mat

    …make your heart happy. These sunflowers make great bouquets of cut flowers, too. Sunflower roll-out flower mats are a great way for kids to get involved with gardening because of their simple implementation: just place these seed mats on a prepared garden space, cover with dirt, water and wait. In…

    Sunflower Garden Mat



  6. Shady Garden Roll Out Seed Mat

    …garden seed mats.\u003c/p\u003e"},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":0,"title":null,"text":null},{"textkey":5,"title":"Features","text":"Full to partial shade flower assortment; Flowers range between 6\u0022 and 48\u0022 high ; Seeds are nestled…

    Shady Garden Roll Out Seed Mat



  7. Shady Annual Tree Ring

    …ring flower mats have been developed and created by a horticulturist to ensure great results every time. Each seed is nestled inside a bed of 100% recycled paper that measures 17" x 5'. Enjoy effortless annual and perennial blooms throughout warm, frost-free seasons. This shady tree ring flower mat…

    Shady Annual Tree Ring



  8. Sunny Tree Ring

    …tree mat circle contains hand-picked seeds that will germinate and bloom when placed in soil and watered. You'll love the colorful pink, white, blue, yellow, red, blue-violet, orange and rose-colored flowers that pop up from this sunny tree ring seed mat in virtually no time at all. Our tree…

    Sunny Tree Ring



  9. Butterfly and Hummingbird Roll Out Seed Mat

    seed mat from Miles Kimball! Just place the seed mat where you want your butterfly and hummingbird garden to be planted, water and wait. Hundreds of seeds are nestled into a 100% recycled paper mat that was specially designed by a horticulturist to produce beautiful additions to your flower beds. In…

    Butterfly and Hummingbird Roll Out Seed Mat



  10. Garden Fragrance Roll Out Seed Mat

    …to quick, easy and nearly foolproof gardening, Miles Kimball has the best flower mat selections for super blooms. This pre-seeded mat contains loads of fragrant flower seeds nestled in 100% recycled paper. Nine flower seed varieties are hand-picked by a horticulturist to provide you with aromatic…

    Garden Fragrance Roll Out Seed Mat



  11. Wonder Egg Plant

    …intriguing plant may be grown indoors or outside. Simply plant the Wonder Egg® seeds in garden soil and watch them sprout in only 7-10 days! They grow to approximately three feet tall and produce beautiful purple flowers. The egg-shaped fruits start out glistening white and gradually turn golden…

    Wonder Egg Plant



  12. Wildflower Roll Out Seed Mat

    …furrowing and planting. These pre-seeded garden mats take the guesswork out of deciding which seeds and flowers will grow the best together. This wildflower mat measures 20" x 60" and includes 16 fragrant flower varieties that will look great in cut bouquets too. Blanketflowers, calendulas and 14…

    Wildflower Roll Out Seed Mat



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