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Foot Pain

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  1. Neuropathy Therapy Socks

    Walk pain free! Therapeutic padded sole protects and cushions painful feet with built-in gel pads that make feet (and you) feel young again. Provides soothing comfort as it reduces friction, callus formation, and foot ulcerations. Also serves as a tissue supplement for naturally occurring, age…

    Neuropathy Therapy Socks



  2. Silver Steps™ Silicone Ball of Foot Pad with Toe Separator - 1 Pair

    …of multiple foot care products in one comfortable pair of medical-grade, antibacterial foot gel pads. Ball of foot pads absorb shock in the metatarsal and ball of foot area. Toe separators align big toe to reduce irritating overlap. These diabetic-friendly pads minimize bunion pain and friction…

    Silver Steps™ Silicone Ball of Foot Pad with Toe Separator - 1 Pair



  3. Silver Steps™ Gel Callus Pads, Set of 2

    …away from your foot, the gel callus cushion helps relieve pain caused by a callus, blister, metatarsal pain, fat-pad atrophy or metatarsalgia. Thanks to a gentle, non-slip adhesive back, you can simply peel and place the foot cushion for calluses anywhere on your foot. The callus foot pads are so…

    Silver Steps™ Gel Callus Pads, Set of 2



  4. Felt Hammer Toe Crest

    …support your toes from underneath to remedy a variety of foot problems. As the ergonomic shape reduces pressure on toe tips and stress on the metatarsal shafts, it can help ease forefoot pain. As it gently stretches and lengthens foot muscles, this toe support helps relieve hammer, mallet, claw…

    Felt Hammer Toe Crest



  5. Copper Compression Ankle Support

    …of genuine heat-conducting copper. Surrounds & soothes swollen, painful ankles, redirecting your own body heat, providing therapeutic, pain-relieving warmth. Gentle compression helps improve circulation and fight fatigue & pain without prescription drugs. Compression rating of 18-23 mmHg. Made…

    Copper Compression Ankle Support



  6. Visco-GEL® ExtraArches™

    Visio Gel arches put cushioning right where it's most needed. Anatomically shaped pads support every step to soothe arch and heel pain, limit overpronation, and instantly make shoes more comfortable. More affordable and versatile than bulky orthotics and insoles, these arch support pads discreetly…

    Visco-GEL® ExtraArches™



  7. Silver Steps™ Toe Straightening Wraps, Set of 2

    Silver Steps™ Toe straightening wraps gently support and realign to ease pain and pressure caused by crowded, overlapping or hammer toes. Soft, easy-to-apply foam of toe wrap relieves corns and calluses and is thin enough to wear with shoes. One size fits all. Set of 2; each 4 1/8" L x 15/16"…

    Silver Steps™ Toe Straightening Wraps, Set of 2



  8. Silver Steps™ Closed Toe Gel Socks

    …and blisters. Half socks with therapeutic gel toes also cushion the balls of the feet and metatarsal areas to help relieve joint pain, pressure points, and other foot problems caused by bunions, arthritis, gout and more. Stretchy, closed-toe design is comfortable with or without shoes and socks.…

    Silver Steps™ Closed Toe Gel Socks



  9. Silver Steps™ Double Loop Tailor Gel Bunion Protector S/2

    Soothe bunion pain and pressure in any shoes or while going barefoot. Silver Steps™ tailored gel bunion protector with loops cushions your little toe and keeps it properly aligned to prevent crowding, overlap and friction. Thin design is comfortable in most footwear and features two soft gel loops…

    Silver Steps™ Double Loop Tailor Gel Bunion Protector S/2



  10. Gel Bunion Toe Wrap

    Gel bunion toe wrap instantly soothes bunion pain and pressure. Comfortable design features a soft, contoured gel wedge that gently cradles and aligns the big toe to soothe discomfort from crooked or overlapping toes, hammertoes and more. As this toe support aligns your big toe, it gently stretches…

    Gel Bunion Toe Wrap



  11. Visco-GEL® Stay-Put Toe Spacers™ - 1 piece

    …and aligns crooked or overlapping toes, this toe spacer helps relieve pain and prevents bunions and irritation. Soft, flexible Visco-Gel releases mineral oil to soothe and moisturize skin. Fits either right or left foot and can be worn with shoes that don’t limit toe movement. Sold individually…

    Visco-GEL® Stay-Put Toe Spacers™ - 1 piece



  12. Bunion Wrap with Gel by Silver Steps™

    Cushion and correct painful bunions. As this bunion wrap’s gel pad creates a cushioning barrier between shoes and bunion, the toe separator helps align and relieve pain. Thin, breathable bunion corrector adjusts with one hook-and-loop strap for a customizable fit and all-day comfort with or without…

    Bunion Wrap with Gel by Silver Steps™



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