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Fruit Hard Candy

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  1. Hammonds® Old Time Christmas Tin 16 oz.

    Filled with old fashioned candy favorites from your past, this nostalgic Hammond's® old fashioned Christmas candy tin includes an assortment of delicious hard candies in fruit and spice flavors. Packed in a classic Christmas tin, Hammonds® old time candy is perfect for giving or serving. 16…

    Hammonds® Old Time Christmas Tin 16 oz.



  2. Assorted Fruit Button Hard Candies 19 oz.

    …assorted fruit button hard candies are just like the ones you loved as a child. Individually wrapped for freshness, the classic assorted buttons are candy dish favorites ... and smart grandmas keep purses well stocked, since they're great for tickly throats and fidgety kids. Assorted fruit candy

    Assorted Fruit Button Hard Candies 19 oz.



  3. Glitterati® Fruit & Berry®, 2.3 oz.

    Fruit & Berry® Italian candies have been delighting fans for generations. Petite in size but grand in flavor, the gourmet Italian hard candy is bursting with fruit flavors of blackberry, pear, strawberry, orange and lemon. Beautifully wrapped in colorful foil papers, these Glitterati candies are the…

    Glitterati® Fruit & Berry®, 2.3 oz.



  4. Rubik's Candy Cube, 1.5oz

    …now a nostalgic Rubik's Candy Cube tin box replica—filled with candy for a unique gift or stocking stuffer for kids! Each colorful candy tin looks just like a real Rubik's cube with the top row of squares forming the lift-off lid. Nestled inside, delicious sour fruit candies add to the fun in bright…

    Rubik's Candy Cube, 1.5oz



  5. Baby Ribbon Candy 11 oz.

    candy gets the most attention—making sweet memories your family will cherish. A treat for your eyes as well as your tastebuds, the colorful hard candies are bursting with delicious fruit and spice flavors ... offering pure, simple pleasure as you savor each mini-sized ribbon. The pride of any candy

    Baby Ribbon Candy 11 oz.



  6. Filled Raspberry Candy, 14 oz.

    …flavor of your favorite fruit with a delicious candy twist when you purchase a package of filled raspberry candy from Miles Kimball. These old-fashioned raspberry candies are sure to spark your nostalgia with their traditionally delicious recipe. Each one features a hard candy shell that gives way…

    Filled Raspberry Candy, 14 oz.



  7. Fruity Sour Balls, 18 oz.

    The sour ball candies you loved as a child are back ... and now nobody's counting how many you sneak from the candy dish! The colorful, glossy globes look like ordinary hard candy in classic fruit flavors, but once they melt in your mouth, they treat tastebuds to that mild, but tangy sourness you'll…

    Fruity Sour Balls, 18 oz.



  8. Filled Strawberry Candy, 22 oz.

    From sweet strawberry hard candy exteriors to soft filled centers, this classic filled strawberry candy is just like the ones you snuck from the candy dish decades ago. Nestled in charming red and green strawberry wrappers, these fruit sweets are perfect for a red candy buffet and are sure to…

    Filled Strawberry Candy, 22 oz.



  9. Jelly Belly® Rasberries & Blackberries, 4 oz.

    …blackberry hard candy boasts a soft, chewy gel center with high fruit intensity that's truly delicious. Each yummy life-size piece of raspberry and blackberry candy is finished with a coating of crunchy candy seeds, giving it a gorgeous berry-like appearance that's lovely in a candy dish or topping…

    Jelly Belly® Rasberries & Blackberries, 4 oz.



  10. Razzles, Set of 3

    …Original Razzles Candy Gum fruit flavors include lemon, raspberry, grape, orange and blueberry. Set of 3. Each, 1.4 oz.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Starting as candy and morphing into gum, Razzles offers twice the YUM! Changing from tasty, fruit-flavored candy to delicious chewing…

    Razzles, Set of 3



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