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  1. Instant Up Curtain Rod Holders Set of 8

    Instantly add curtain rods to any window molding with NO drilling, hammering, holes or damage! Metal instant curtain rod holders slip over molding corners so you can hang your own curtain rods and window treatments. Perfect for renters or anyone who doesn't want to install hardware, each no drill…

    Instant Up Curtain Rod Holders Set of 8



  2. Melissa & Doug® Personalized Tools Chunky Puzzle

    Two screwdrivers, a hammer and a saw are four of the essential seven tools in this Melissa & Doug® Personalized Tools Chunky Puzzle. This extra thick wooden puzzle includes seven easy-grasp, chunky tool shaped pieces, each with a full-color, matching picture underneath. Tool pieces can stand on…

    Melissa & Doug® Personalized Tools Chunky Puzzle



  3. Silver Steps™ Antibacterial Triple Loop Separator, 1 Pair

    …fungus and odors—wearing well and staying fresh, wash after wash. Triple-loop toe spacer gently divides, realigns and helps correct crooked, hammer or overlapping toes while cushioning sensitive skin and relieving discomfort. The flexible gel toe straightener stretches for a comfortable fit,…

    Silver Steps™ Antibacterial Triple Loop Separator, 1 Pair



  4. Escape Hammer by LivingSURE™

    Escape Hammer by LivingSURE™ helps you break away from a dangerous vehicle, quickly and easily. Auto escape tool features double steel-pointed tips to break through windows and safety razor blade to cut easily through seat belts. Glow-in-the-dark tab makes the car window breaker easy to locate in an…

    Escape Hammer by LivingSURE™



  5. Visco-Gel® Hammer ToeCrutch™ - Set of 2

    Designed to take pressure off sore toe tips, Visco-Gel® Hammer ToeCrutch™ is specially contoured to support claw or hammer toes, elevating toe tip and relieving distal pressure. Innovative toe cushion with flat bottom helps make walking easier and more comfortable. Soft, extra-wide, Visco-Gel® toe…

    Visco-Gel® Hammer ToeCrutch™ - Set of 2



  6. Felt Hammer Toe Crest

    hammer toe crests support your toes from underneath to remedy a variety of foot problems. As the ergonomic shape reduces pressure on toe tips and stress on the metatarsal shafts, it can help ease forefoot pain. As it gently stretches and lengthens foot muscles, this toe support helps relieve hammer,

    Felt Hammer Toe Crest



  7. Silver Steps™ Toe Straightening Wraps, Set of 2

    Silver Steps™ Toe straightening wraps gently support and realign to ease pain and pressure caused by crowded, overlapping or hammer toes. Soft, easy-to-apply foam of toe wrap relieves corns and calluses and is thin enough to wear with shoes. One size fits all. Set of 2; each 4 1/8" L x 15/16"…

    Silver Steps™ Toe Straightening Wraps, Set of 2



  8. Silver Steps™ Polymer Gel Hammertoe Cushions 1 Pr.

    Silver Steps™ polymer gel hammertoe cushions instantly relieve the pain and pressure of hammer or mallet toe, arthritis, and more. One size. Set of 2 includes one diabetic-friendly hammertoe pad for each foot. Cushions absorb shock, vibration and provide even pressure distribution while cushioning…

    Silver Steps™ Polymer Gel Hammertoe Cushions 1 Pr.



  9. Toe Straightener

    …alignment, stride and posture. Comfortable, elasticized toe band gently supports and eases toes into proper position to help alleviate crooked toes, hammer toes and other conditions. Minimalist design fits discreetly under socks and can be worn with most types of shoes and slippers for all-day…

    Toe Straightener



  10. Personalized Tool Box Ornament

    …Ornament makes a handy, dandy gift—especially when personalized. The toolbox Christmas ornament is artfully detailed with pliers, a level, ruler, hammer and screwdriver in a classic wooden-look case, with a silver wrench dangling below for added fun. We'll add one name to this handyman Christmas…

    Personalized Tool Box Ornament



  11. Personalized Fix It Frame

    …It" tool-themed photo frame features those must-have tools in every fixer-upper's toolbox, including a measuring tape, a wrench, a screwdriver, a hammer and nails — to name a few. This cleverly designed customized photo frame makes great use of bold imagery and vibrant colors; it includes a dark…

    Personalized Fix It Frame



  12. 16" Metal Pastel Floral Wreath by Fox River™ Creations

    …Wreath won't wilt, droop or dry out, since they're crafted of durable, weatherproof metal! The decorative metal floral wreath boasts a medley of hammered metal texture, artful sponge-effect painting and raised, 3D petals on colorful pastel flowers. Whether it takes you back to "flower child"…

    16" Metal Pastel Floral Wreath by Fox River™ Creations



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