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Hand Grip

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  1. Easy Grip Reacher

    …just had surgery or simply need a helping hand to snag those extra-high items in your cupboards, this grabber with padded grippers will come to the rescue each and every time. This specially designed easy-to-use squeeze grip allows you to use your full hand strength to pick up items. It extends your…

    Easy Grip Reacher



  2. Personalized Animated Rocking Horse with Sound

    …every little rider. A simple squeeze of the soft, plush ears activates realistic horse sounds while acting as another place for your child to grip for security. This personalized rocking horse provides countless hours of fun that fosters imagination and hand-eye coordination. With a few simple…

    Personalized Animated Rocking Horse with Sound



  3. Hand Grip Strengthener, 10–50 kg

    hands and fingers strong and healthy with this compact Hand Grip Strengthener. Spring-tension grip strengthener is perfect for strengthening, recovering and preventing injury. Ideal for anyone suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and more. Exercise your hands 6 ways: hand

    Hand Grip Strengthener, 10–50 kg



  4. Easy Grip Spatula

    …are at Miles Kimball, including our Easy Grip and Flip Spatula. Featuring a unique tong/flipper design that makes it easy to flip burgers, eggs and pancakes, this non-stick plastic spatula is heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Use as an extra pair of hands; this cool kitchen gadget makes creating…

    Easy Grip Spatula



  5. Air Vent Phone Grip

    Thanks to its clever magnetic holder, this portable phone holder for cars mounts in seconds to any vehicle's air vent—allowing maximum airflow for your comfort on the road. Providing convenient, hands-free phone use for safer driving, the air vent holder is adjustable at all angles and easily clips…

    Air Vent Phone Grip



  6. Hand Held Egg Beater by Home Marketplace

    …nonslip handles of this hand egg beater, providing a secure grip while the fast rotary action beats eggs, whips cream, meringue and more. 13" long x 4" wide rotary egg beater. Stainless steel egg beater over plastic. Hand wash. By Home Marketplace.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Nothing…

    Hand Held Egg Beater by Home Marketplace



  7. Easy Grip Handle, Set of 4

    Soft-grip built up handles give those with arthritis or limited dexterity a larger gripping surface on forks, pens, toothbrushes and more. Comfortable ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue. Each easy on/off build up utensil handle has 2 ends to fit utensils 1/4"-1" W. Dishwasher-safe thermoplastic.…

    Easy Grip Handle, Set of 4



  8. Easy Garden Tool Grip Handle Attachment

    …ergonomic powerhouse, Easy Garden Tool Grip Handle Attachment helps increase your working leverage and posture —reducing back and hand fatigue! The unique offset handle attachment design helps keep you standing taller and reduces back bend by 30%, while grip design helps you work more productively…

    Easy Garden Tool Grip Handle Attachment



  9. Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder

    Grip & Tip nail polish holder is your personal mani-pedi assistant! Nail polish bottle holder keeps nail polish bottle steady and tilted, preventing spills and helping you reach every drop! Freeing both hands for easy manicures and pedicures, it adjusts to hold small bottles of all sizes and…

    Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder



  10. Gorilla Garden Hands Set of 2

    Grabbing and lifting leaves and debris, these sturdy, gorilla garden hands are oversized scoops that feature ridged edges and firm-grip, wrist-support handles for quick, easy yard cleanups! Plastic. Set of 2. Each, 19 3/4" long x 13 1/2" wide x 3"…

    Gorilla Garden Hands Set of 2



  11. Copper+ Protective Gloves

    Whether you're conscious of germs while out and about, you want some extra grip while driving or you're looking for some light compression hand therapy for arthritis or other pain in the hands or fingers, our unisex Copper+ compression gloves in black are fantastic to implement into your daily…

    Copper+ Protective Gloves



  12. Rolling Grass Trimmer

    …handles eliminate kneeling and bending, so you easily edge and trim around trees, flowerbeds, borders and sidewalks. Simply grab the soft foam hand grips and press together to operate the grass shears while rolling or in place. Durable metal 8" long blades provide sharp, precise snips, making it…

    Rolling Grass Trimmer



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