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  1. Pantry and Freezer Organizer

    …6 boxes of food storage bags, foils and wraps on one space-saving rack; Sturdy vinyl coated wire storage rack; Great for pantry and freezer organization; A customer favorite for years; 9 1/2\u0022…

    Pantry and Freezer Organizer



  2. Wrap Rack

    …and kitchen cabinet organizer fits inside cupboards and pantries with ease and holds four rolls of kitchen wrap items. This basic wrap organizer and foil organizer is a must-have as a kitchen drawer organizer to keep all of your kitchen essentials in view and organized. Kitchen organization is vital…

    Wrap Rack



  3. Under Shelf Wrap Holder

    …yet effective product for organizing and storing household items in the kitchen, tool shop, office — anywhere you want more order and efficient use of space. The basket slides easily under a shelf to instantly provide a handy place for aluminum and plastic wrap, potholders, food storage containers,…

    Under Shelf Wrap Holder



  4. Freeze Tite Plastic Wrap

    …Freeze-Tite® Plastic Freezer Wrap an essential part of your food storage needs. This ingenious clear plastic wrap is super-heavy duty and creates an air-tight seal that works a whole lot better than those bulky plastic freezer bags. This high-cling Freeze-Tite plastic wrap clings everywhere — even…

    Freeze Tite Plastic Wrap



  5. Stretch-Tite® Premium Plastic Food Wrap

    …film wrap. This industrial-strength premium plastic wrap roll is a must-have for kitchen organization and food storage! This hard-to-find kitchen plastic wrap is tough to find in stores, so be sure to nab it at the Miles Kimball online store. Great for your microwave, too. Stretch-Tite plastic wrap

    Stretch-Tite® Premium Plastic Food Wrap



  6. Stainless Steel Vacuum Seal Wine Stopper

    Keeping your wine fresh longer, this vacuum seal bottle stopper is designed to minimize oxidation by extracting the air from your opened wine. Simply cap your bottle with the wine stopper and pump several times until it seals itself tightly. Preserving wine's flavor for weeks instead of days, the…

    Stainless Steel Vacuum Seal Wine Stopper



  7. Butterfly Bag Clips, Set of 8

    …Exclusively designed in durable plastic with metal springs, the sturdy food clips are perfect for sealing up snack bags, and can also be used to organize craft supplies, bills, photos, recipes and newspaper clippings, or mark your page in a book or magazine. Set of 8 food bag clips includes 1 each:…

    Butterfly Bag Clips, Set of 8



  8. Elastic Edge Bowl Covers Set/50

    See at a glance what leftovers are lurking! Elastic bowl covers keep containers airtight, so food stays fresh longer. Set of 50 reusable bowl covers: 10 each of five sizes measuring 6", 7", 9", 11" and 13" across.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"See at a glance what leftovers are lurking!…

    Elastic Edge Bowl Covers Set/50



  9. Silicone Can Covers, Set of 6

    These flexible silicone can lids easily stretch and conform to fit 3 different size food cans, providing a leak-proof, airtight seal to keep contents fresh in the fridge. Great for a variety of soups, fruits, tuna, evaporated milk and more, each silicone food cover's universal size fits 3 oz., 5.5…

    Silicone Can Covers, Set of 6



  10. Reusable Plastic Bowl Covers, Set of 24

    …Saving you from wasting foil and struggling with clingy, hard-to-seal wrap, the reusable plastic covers seal easily and securely, keeping leftovers fresh. Also great for transporting food to picnics and potlucks or wrapping homemade baked gifts, the set of 24 includes 8 each: pink (small; 8"dia),…

    Reusable Plastic Bowl Covers, Set of 24



  11. Fresh Top Caps, Set of 6

    Long live the fizz, thanks to these clever caps that snap right onto soda cans to create airtight, resealable bottles! You can now save half a can of soda for fresh sipping later, close it up for spill-proof travel, or keep bugs and pests out of your beverage with these colorful plastic soda can…

    Fresh Top Caps, Set of 6



  12. Insulated Food Cover with Viewing Window

    This insulated food cover fits over various size bowls, platters and plates — keeping cold dishes cool and hot dishes warm, while keeping insects from ruining your meal. The sturdy, stand-up food dome features a clear viewing window so this it's easy to see what’s beneath, offering the visibility of…

    Insulated Food Cover with Viewing Window



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