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  1. Manual Cast Iron Meat Grinder

    …cast iron meat grinder will grind many foods that electric processors just can't handle. This hand crank meat grinder is just like the one Grandma used for soup and corned beef hash, meatballs and sausages! Our countertop meat grinder grinds 2 pounds per minute with its cutter disc. Each home meat

    Manual Cast Iron Meat Grinder



  2. Stainless Steel Meat Slicing Tongs

    …roasts to fresh-baked bread, these meat slicing tongs let you create perfectly even slices every time! Their innovative design keeps fingers safely away from sharp knives and hands free from touching food. Simply place food between the stainless steel meat slicer prongs and cut a perfectly sized…

    Stainless Steel Meat Slicing Tongs



  3. ChopStir™

    …stop talking about this chop and stir kitchen tool! The ChopStir™ is truly ingenious: it allows you to mix, chop and stir ground meats, vegetables, chicken, stew meat or soups. Use as an aid to help sauté your favorite dishes and evenly cook your ground beef. The ChopStir is made from heat-resistant…




  4. Good Cook Instant Read Meat Thermometer Pro

    …you can be sure meats and poultry are cooked to a safe internal temperature — confirming your desired doneness before you turn the oven off. Simply pull meat out of the oven and insert the Good Cook Instant Read Thermometer Pro in about 2" deep into the thickest part of the meat for an accurate…

    Good Cook Instant Read Meat Thermometer Pro



  5. Plastic Gloves, Pack of 100

    Cleaning, handling raw meat, painting, coloring hair: This box of 100 plastic gloves has many, many practical and protective uses throughout your home. You'll wonder how you ever lived without these plastic gloves — available for a few cents each here in this bulk pack of 100. Whether you're…

    Plastic Gloves, Pack of 100



  6. Microwave Pressure Cooker

    …you time without sacrificing flavor or nutrients, this microwave cookware is your key to cooking healthy soups, stews, casseroles, vegetables, meats and more. In non-toxic, biodegradable natural wheat straw material made with 40% less plastic, the environmentally conscious design boasts a natural…

    Microwave Pressure Cooker



  7. Meat and Vegetable Grinder

    Whether preparing ham spread, cream soups or your famous meatloaf, this hand-crank meat and vegetable grinder makes prep work easy—grinding fresh meat and veggies to perfection! 8 1/2" high manual food grinder includes 5 1/2" wide x 5" diameter suction cup base and 2 3/4" high x 5 1/2" diameter…

    Meat and Vegetable Grinder



  8. Antique Style Rolling Meat Tenderizer

    …roll over meat with ease, while sharp, little "teeth" cut tiny pockets, allowing meat to better absorb marinades and retain flavorful juices. The antique-style rolling tenderizer is a timeless kitchen staple without the arm strain of a meat hammer or meat pounder — making it a must for meat lovers!…

    Antique Style Rolling Meat Tenderizer



  9. Knife & Fork Carving Set

    …everyday chicken, steaks, roasts and more. The traditional knife carver and meat fork feature stainless steel blades for durability and performance, with triple-riveted plastic handles for a comfortable, secure grip. The meat fork is designed with long tines to spear larger cuts and serve slices in…

    Knife & Fork Carving Set



  10. 10" Ceramic Non-Stick Pan

    Unique ceramic frying pan offers non-stick ease, allowing eggs, meat and even cheese to slide right off—no oil or butter needed. Versatile 9 1/2" ceramic non-stick pan is oven-safe up to 500°, allowing for quick stovetop-to-oven cooking. Durable, lightweight aluminum construction delivers rapid,…

    10" Ceramic Non-Stick Pan



  11. Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker by Home Marketplace

    …make cooking even easier, it also features digital preset cooking buttons for making porridge, yogurt, multigrain, rice, poultry, beans or chili, meat or stew and soup. You can also choose from dual pressure settings as well as settings for less, normal and more to better control your cooking…

    Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker by Home Marketplace



  12. Aluminum Burger Press with Adjustable Thickness

    …the adjustable burger patty press renders a perfect 4 1/2" diameter, bun-size patty, uniformly shaped for even cooking. Simply add a ball of ground meat (beef, turkey, sausage) and adjust the burger maker's presser plate to desired thickness. Non-stick coating offers easy release, keeping burgers…

    Aluminum Burger Press with Adjustable Thickness



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