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  1. No-Bend Weed Grabber

    …“no-bend”, and this ingenious no-bend weed grabber’s sharp 3-pronged head pulls even dandelions and other tough weeds with ease—roots and all! No need to bend, kneel, dig or struggle; simply push the weed remover's all-terrain, 3-pronged head over weed, twist 360°, pull weed out, and push the…

    No-Bend Weed Grabber



  2. Silver Steps™ No Tie Stretch Shoe Laces

    …moves with you. No more hassling with tying and untying or worrying about tripping over regular laces! Easy to add to any shoes — simply thread the no tie lace into eyelet, cross over the tongue and repeat on the other side. You'll love slipping off your shoes without bending over, too! Wipe clean.

    Silver Steps™ No Tie Stretch Shoe Laces



  3. Sock and Stocking Aid

    No more stretching or bending to put on socks ... just slip your sock over the form, insert your foot and pull on the straps—no awkward movement or twisting required. Plastic. 9" long.

    Sock and Stocking Aid



  4. Mind Twisters™ Puzzles, Set of 6

    …different shapes and strategies, and the test is to separate each one's metal pieces, whether it's a simple twist or a more complicated process. No bending or force is needed to master each metal puzzle challenge, and solutions to each puzzle are printed on the back of the package if you need a…

    Mind Twisters™ Puzzles, Set of 6



  5. Total Bathroom Brush

    This telescoping scrub brush cleans it all! No more bending and stretching to clean your bathroom – let this brush do the hard work for you! Heavy-duty tub, tile and toilet brush extends from 29" to 54", easily reaching floors, ceilings and shower walls. Plastic head swivels and detaches to use in…

    Total Bathroom Brush



  6. Easy Reach Back and Body Washcloth™

    …for a thorough, easy scrub, reaching that elusive middle of your back! No more bending, twisting or straining to clean hard-to-reach areas; the washcloth towel even scrubs bottoms of your feet so you don't have to bend. Makes bathing and showering easier, especially for anyone with limited mobility…

    Easy Reach Back and Body Washcloth™



  7. Foot Switch Extension Cord

    …on and off with a tap of your foot, this 12-ft. foot switch extension cord offers hands-free ease that’s easy on your back. No more fumbling for a lamp switch or bending over to plug and unplug Christmas tree lights; the foot-activated extension cord offers ultra convenience with 2-prong plug on…

    Foot Switch Extension Cord



  8. Flexible Drain Cleaning Sticks, Set of 12

    …debris from bath and kitchen drains without hazardous chemicals or expensive plumbers. Flexible 17" long clean drain sticks bend to reach deep into drain pipes while bristled ends grab onto gunk and pull it out. When finished, simply toss — no touching, no cleaning. Pack of 12 disposable sticks.

    Flexible Drain Cleaning Sticks, Set of 12



  9. Easy Grip Reacher

    …full hand strength to pick up items. Reaching tool extends your reach by 31” for safety and convenience without bending or straining. Padded grabbers open to 3”W and hold up to 5 lbs. Grabber tool measures 31”L x 4 1/2”W x 1”D. Durable, lightweight aluminum weighs just 0.8 oz. No assembly required.

    Easy Grip Reacher



  10. Silver Steps™ Elastic Shoe Laces 3 Pair

    Elastic shoe laces stretch from 24" to 58" so shoes slip on and off—no bending or untying required with these stretch shoe laces! Three pairs of flat laces tie securely. 90% polyester/10% spandex. Imported.

    Silver Steps™ Elastic Shoe Laces 3 Pair



  11. Microfiber Flexible Mop

    This microfiber flexible mop’s head bends up on both sides to accommodate corners and cover entire baseboards in one easy motion—angling and swiveling for ultimate efficiency! No need to get on your hands and knees, and no need for soap; soft microfiber mop pad attracts dirt like a magnet, picking…

    Microfiber Flexible Mop



  12. Home & Gutter Flusher

    …reaches over 7 feet and bends to the perfect angle—easily flushing away needles, twigs, leaves and debris from downspouts and gutters or cleaning home siding. Making home maintenance quick, safe and easy, the gutter cleaning tool extends from 48" long to 86" long, so there's no need to risk climbing…

    Home & Gutter Flusher



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