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  1. Hammonds® POP! Honey Peanut Popcorn, 6oz.

    …Hammond's® POP! Honey Peanut Popcorn! Peanut butter and honey popcorn has snack lovers buzzing! The crisp, old-fashioned treat is made with perfectly popped popcorn and topped with a crisp, buttery glaze made with sweet honey and fresh peanuts. The unique gourmet popcorn is made in small batches…

    Hammonds® POP! Honey Peanut Popcorn, 6oz.



  2. Hammonds® POP! Caramel Glazed Popcorn, 6oz.

    Hammond's® POP! Caramel Glazed Popcorn will leave your eyes glazed, your heart dazed and your taste buds crazed! This old-fashioned, all-natural popcorn boasts the perfect combination of buttery glazed, salty sweet decadence. The crunchy, crave-worthy caramel corn treat is made in small batches with…

    Hammonds® POP! Caramel Glazed Popcorn, 6oz.



  3. Hammonds® POP! Sweet & Cheesy Popcorn, 5oz.

    …caramel popcorn great to keep on hand for movie night or gift baskets, but do save a couple bags for yourself! 5 oz.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Hammond\u0027s® POP! Sweet \u0026 Cheesy Popcorn is that little taste of heaven you desire and DESERVE. Highly endorsed by cheesy popcorn

    Hammonds® POP! Sweet & Cheesy Popcorn, 5oz.



  4. Hammonds® POP! Chocolate Popcorn, 6oz

    …Chocolate Popcorn is the trifecta of all things yummy … satisfying your sweet tooth, your chocolate addiction and your crunchy popcorn cravings! Handcrafted by the Hammond's family confectioners, this one-of-a-kind caramel chocolate popcorn treat boasts old-fashioned, all-natural popcorn goodness in…

    Hammonds® POP! Chocolate Popcorn, 6oz



  5. Gimbal's Gourmet Jelly Bean Jar, 40 oz.

    …container shows off the vibrant colors of this Gimbal candy that tempts every candy lover to have a taste. 41 flavors include Buttered Popcorn, French Vanilla, Tiramisu, Tutti Frutti, Roasted Marshmallow, Ice Cream Cake and more. 40 oz.Sugar, Corn Syrup, Food Starch Modified, Dextrose,Apple…

    Gimbal's Gourmet Jelly Bean Jar, 40 oz.



  6. Glass Microwave Popcorn Maker

    …homemade microwave popcorn; popcorn kernels not included.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Ditch the unhealthy, pre-packaged microwave popcorn, and enjoy quick, freshly popped goodness in this microwave popper. A smart alternative to bagged microwave popcorn with unhealthy chemicals,…

    Glass Microwave Popcorn Maker



  7. Whirley-Pop™ Stovetop Popcorn Popper

    Popcorn not included. Made in China.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"The original Whirley-Pop™ Stovetop Popcorn Popper is still the quickest, easiest way to enjoy fresh, healthy popcorn—hand-cranked, right on your stovetop! The iconic stovetop popcorn maker pops up to 6 quarts of popcorn

    Whirley-Pop™ Stovetop Popcorn Popper



  8. Personalized TV & Popcorn Ornament

    …fun. If you’re looking for a great gift for that person, why not give him or her our Personalized TV and Popcorn Christmas Ornament? It features a big bowl of buttery popcorn, a can of soda, a TV monitor and, of course, the remote control! We’ll add a name and a date to the TV monitor.…

    Personalized TV & Popcorn Ornament



  9. Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Covered Raisins

    …versatile treats can be added to nuts for trail mix, baked into oatmeal cookies, sprinkled over yogurt or ice cream, or mixed with a bowl of fresh popcorn for a sweet-and-salty treat. No matter how you enjoy these big, juicy, chocolate covered raisins, you'll be seriously, deliriously addicted! 16…

    Mrs. Kimball's Chocolate Covered Raisins



  10. Felt Game Tablecover

    …from family board games to your monthly bridge club. It turns any everyday activity into a special occasion and slips on in seconds. So, pop some popcorn, make some root beer floats and gather around the table for some fun family time. Our green felt table cover is also ideal to help protect tables…

    Felt Game Tablecover



  11. Personalized Stringing Popcorn Family Ornament

    Pop this Personalized Stringing Popcorn Family Ornament on the Christmas tree and enjoy a personalized shout-out to your family … naming each popcorn stringer in the bunch! A fun way to celebrate holiday traditions, the personalized family ornament features 2, 3, 4 or 5 "first-string" decorators…

    Personalized Stringing Popcorn Family Ornament



  12. Set of 3 Handy Scoops

    …kitchen scoops is a must! The multi-tasking scoops work a variety of jobs around your home—neatly scooping everything from cereal to pet food, popcorn, coffee, candy, beans, rice, macaroni, and more. Keep one scoop in your freezer for ice, use the other two for your sugar and flour canisters … and…

    Set of 3 Handy Scoops



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