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Sinus Relief

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  1. NativeRemedies® Sinus Soothe™

    Relieves sinusitis symptoms; Reduces sinus pain, headaches, congestion and pressure; Reduces excess mucus and soothes inflammation; Provides fast-acting relief in a concentrated tincture; Safe for all ages, also during pregnancy and nursing;

    NativeRemedies® Sinus Soothe™



  2. PetAlive® Sinu-Rite™

    …associated with symptoms of acute sinusitis, Sinu-Rite uses a unique, proprietary blend of highly diluted natural substances to relieve allergy-related nasal congestion in your pet. Natrum muriaticum (Nat mur) has a long history of providing successful relief for pets experiencing difficulty…

    PetAlive® Sinu-Rite™



  3. NativeRemedies® Complete AllergiClear ComboPack

    …NativeRemedies® AllergiClear™ ComboPack combines the best of homeopathic and herbal remedies, helping you get quick relief from allergies when you need it, then supporting overall sinus health over time. Formulated by our team of experts in natural medicine, these non-habit forming natural remedies…

    NativeRemedies® Complete AllergiClear ComboPack



  4. NativeRemedies® Mucus-Clear™

    …Encourages respiratory health Mucus-Clear™ is the ultimate natural solution for throat congestion. This effective mucus remedy temporarily relieves sinus phlegm and reduces throat clearing cause by thick mucus. It is safe and effective, non-addictive and contains 100% homeopathic ingredients…

    NativeRemedies® Mucus-Clear™



  5. NativeRemedies® AllergiClear-S™

    …supports healthy sinuses, clear eyes and normal histamine levels — without medication side effects. This allergy supplement helps maintain a healthy immune system to ward off harmful airborne substances, such as dust, pollen, plant spores and chemical pollutants. Herbal allergy relief helps soothe…

    NativeRemedies® AllergiClear-S™



  6. NativeRemedies® AllergiClear-M™

    …medicine, AllergiClear-M is a non-habit forming FDA-listed OTC homeopathic medicine that reduces mucus, skin and eye irritation for fast-acting relief. AllergiClear-M should be taken when you see signs of runny nose, burning eyes, and scratchy throat, as it will help dry up mucus and relieve…

    NativeRemedies® AllergiClear-M™



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