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  1. Sleep Cap

    …to this sleep cap's smooth-as-satin lining that preserves your hairstyle! Sleeping cap is ultra comfy, with non-binding elastic edge; adjusts to accommodate any hairstyle. Polyester; machine wash. Imported.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Wake to a beautiful you, thanks to this sleep

    Sleep Cap



  2. Multi Purpose Recliner Cushion

    …head, neck or back to customize your support and reclining position. When lying flat, the cushion can be used as a lumbar support, allowing you to sleep in your recliner. It can even be used as a footrest at the bottom of the recliner when you need to elevate your legs or feet to improve circulation…

    Multi Purpose Recliner Cushion



  3. LivingSURE™ Anti-Snore Pillow

    …foam anti-snore pillow. The wedge shape pillow keeps your head and neck at the correct angle to reduce snoring while you sleep. Less snoring means better quality sleep, so you wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Specially designed neck support channel lifts and supports your head and neck…

    LivingSURE™ Anti-Snore Pillow



  4. Snore Doctor

    Comfortable, reusable Snore Doctor mouth guard helps promote clearer breathing by gently keeping oral and nasal airways open while you sleep. Drug-free, FDA-cleared mouthpiece is ideal for those with apnea, snoring and allergy problems. Includes convenient carrying case and plastic tab for use when…

    Snore Doctor



  5. Sound Sleeper Pillow

    Specially shaped sound sleeper neck and shoulder pillow ensures that you sleep better and wake up more refreshed. Cutaways on the side and the proper fill density take the strain off your neck and shoulders. Made especially for side sleepers, but works for all positions. Washable cotton cover. 19"L…

    Sound Sleeper Pillow



  6. Memory Foam Leg Pillow

    …leg pillow's special hourglass shape helps support lower body and reduce pressure on back, hips and knees—positioning you for a comfy night’s sleep. Memory foam pillow springs back to original shape when not in use; plush polyester pillowcase zips off for machine washing. 8" wide x 9 1/2" long…

    Memory Foam Leg Pillow



  7. Elevated Leg Lift Pillow

    …and ease lower back pressure and pain with our clever leg wedge pillows from Miles Kimball. These leg support pillows are ideal to use while sleeping, when watching TV or while reading on a sofa or in bed. Improve your comfort and elevate your legs easily with this comfortable leg pillow that…

    Elevated Leg Lift Pillow



  8. Beautyful™ Satin Sleep Cap

    …the life of your hairstyle or blowout with this Beautyful™ Satin Sleep Cap. Wake up with hair as beautiful as when you went to sleep, thanks to this nightcap’s satiny smooth lining that slides right over your strands. Sleeping cap is lightweight and comfy, with a non-binding elastic edge. Made…

    Beautyful™ Satin Sleep Cap



  9. NativeRemedies®Good Night Sleep Oral Spray

    …in natural medicine. This natural sleep aid prepares your body for sleep, so you can go to sleep when you want to. Good Night Sleep is a powerful triple strength homeopathic remedy that addresses the symptoms associated with restless, non-restorative sleep. Using a unique, proprietary blend of…

    NativeRemedies®Good Night Sleep Oral Spray



  10. NativeRemedies® Triple Complex Sleep Tonic™

    …in sleep patterns, plus relaxes tension and increases drowsiness for effective, temporarily relief. The complex nature of the brain can sometimes make the seemingly easy task of falling asleep difficult. For those young and old, sleep is a vital component of health. Triple Complex Sleep Tonic…

    NativeRemedies® Triple Complex Sleep Tonic™



  11. Personalized Eat Sleep Trivia Ornament

    …nod to his or her passion with this fun trivia ornament. Printed with the mantra every trivia buff loves, the Personalized Eat Sleep Trivia Ornament reads: " Eat, sleep, trivia, repeat" and features cute punctuation marks in cartoon bubbles, lending a note of artful humor. We'll personalize the…

    Personalized Eat Sleep Trivia Ornament



  12. Healthful™ Naturals Sleep and Relaxation Essential Oil Blend

    …a restful night’s sleep. Healthful™ Naturals Sleep and Relaxation Essential Oil Blend is an ideal natural alternative for helping you drift into sleep. Formulated with lavender, orange peel, cedarwood, geranium, ylang ylang, and frankincense, this natural remedy and sleep aid promotes a natural…

    Healthful™ Naturals Sleep and Relaxation Essential Oil Blend



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