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Soft Candy

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  1. Old Fashioned Filled Peanut Candy, 12 oz.

    …filling, these luscious, peanut-shaped candy are still made the old-fashioned way ... rekindling your sweetest candy counter memories. Each individually wrapped Hammonds® filled peanut candy presents a lovely dilemma: savor it slowly or bite right into the soft, peanut butter center? You may need…

    Old Fashioned Filled Peanut Candy, 12 oz.



  2. Taffy Town® Salt Water Taffy - 14 Oz.

    Like a sweet souvenir from your childhood, this classic assortment of salt water taffy is just as creamy, smooth and delicious as you remember! Taffy Town® salt water taffy comes in up to 15 assorted flavors nestled in a nostalgic box that's perfect for giving or serving. 14 ounces of Taffy Town®…

    Taffy Town® Salt Water Taffy - 14 Oz.



  3. Necco® Banana Split Chews, 10.5 oz.

    …the penny candy you loved as a child, these soft, individually wrapped Necco® Banana Split Chews candies have that great banana flavor only Necco can create. These old-fashioned banana candies taste just like a real banana split — each bite will take you back to that corner candy store you…

    Necco® Banana Split Chews, 10.5 oz.



  4. Licorice Allsorts

    …— add them to your candy dishes during holidays (or throughout the entire year!) for delicious, pretty treats that your friends or family will love. This licorice candy assortment includes classic favorites like aniseed jelly buttons, coconut rolls, licorice pastels, soft cuttings, petit fours…

    Licorice Allsorts



  5. Jesus Christmas Candy Tin 4 oz.

    …groups, pastors, friends, family and anyone on your list; When the yummy religious candy is gone, the candy-striped tin can be used to store ornament hooks, Christmas stamps, small craft items and of course, more candy; 7\u0022x3\u0022 Christmas candy tin includes 4 oz. of soft peppermint candy"}]

    Jesus Christmas Candy Tin 4 oz.



  6. Spearmint Jelly Leaves, 24 oz.

    …Miles Kimball's candy shop has a must-have treat for you! These classic 1950s spearmint jelly leaves are blast from the past. Our old-fashioned spearmint jelly candies are a sugar-coated, ultra-fresh treat that will take you back. Authentic spearmint oil infuses this jelly candy with a burst of…

    Spearmint Jelly Leaves, 24 oz.



  7. Caramel Creams® Candy, 12.5 oz.

    …Creams® from Miles Kimball. These tasty caramel candies feature a chewy exterior and a sweet, soft fondant center. The center-filled designed earned Caramel Creams candy the nickname, "bulls eye candy" decades ago. Originally invented in 1918, this candy is still American-made in Baltimore. Each one…

    Caramel Creams® Candy, 12.5 oz.



  8. Filled Strawberry Candy, 22 oz.

    From sweet strawberry hard candy exteriors to soft filled centers, this classic filled strawberry candy is just like the ones you snuck from the candy dish decades ago. Nestled in charming red and green strawberry wrappers, these fruit sweets are perfect for a red candy buffet and are sure to…

    Filled Strawberry Candy, 22 oz.



  9. Black Cow® Candy 12oz.

    …caramel satisfaction you may remember. Made with handcrafted care, these little retro treats are wrapped for freshness and incredibly delicious! They’re perfect for serving in a candy dish, sharing with family or stashing in a desk drawer and keeping the decadent goodness all to yourself! 12 oz.

    Black Cow® Candy 12oz.



  10. Mixed Fruit Marzipan Candy 8 oz.

    The resemblance of this marzipan candy to real fruit is remarkable - there's a blush on the peach, the strawberries look luscious, the lime, mango and oranges look startlingly real too. Of course it's all just delicious marzipan fruit candy. You get 18 pieces, 8.5 oz. net…

    Mixed Fruit Marzipan Candy 8 oz.



  11. Caramel Creams® Candy, 12.5 oz., Set of 2

    …“bulls eye candy” by candy lovers decades ago! These beloved treats boast soft, chewy caramel wrapped around a sweet fondant center. Legendary since 1918 when the candymakers at Goetze’s first created these delightful caramels, each individually wrapped candy is still as soft, sweet and satisfying…

    Caramel Creams® Candy, 12.5 oz., Set of 2



  12. Filled Raspberry Candy, 14 oz.

    …with a delicious candy twist when you purchase a package of filled raspberry candy from Miles Kimball. These old-fashioned raspberry candies are sure to spark your nostalgia with their traditionally delicious recipe. Each one features a hard candy shell that gives way to a soft, raspberry-flavored…

    Filled Raspberry Candy, 14 oz.



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