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  1. Quicklawn® Grass Seed, 1 Pound

    …insect-resistant formula creates extra-tough and durable turf that stands up to heavy foot traffic. This adaptable formula thrives in all kinds of soil types, including clay, heavy, light and sandy. Forget other types of grass that produce questionable results — Quicklawn is exactly what you need…

    Quicklawn® Grass Seed, 1 Pound



  2. Anti Mosquito Plant

    …blooms make for a delightful contrast against their lacy leaves! Planting Instructions: Set the plant in the hole so the top of the roots are at soil level. Order will ship early to mid-April, weather dependent.[{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"Citronella is a popular choice among…

    Anti Mosquito Plant



  3. Reusable Fabric Grow Bags, Set of 5

    …them in changing sunlight. If your yard's soil is poor, garden bags are a great alternative, and the versatile planters are perfect if you lack space for an in-ground garden. A smart, affordable alternative to pots or containers, the reusable felt soil bags can be arranged together on a balcony…

    Reusable Fabric Grow Bags, Set of 5



  4. Wonder Egg Plant

    Wonder Egg® is easy and fun to grow for everyone! This intriguing plant may be grown indoors or outside. Simply plant the Wonder Egg® seeds in garden soil and watch them sprout in only 7-10 days! They grow to approximately three feet tall and produce beautiful purple flowers. The egg-shaped fruits…

    Wonder Egg Plant



  5. SpongEase™ Organic Planting Medium, 2-gallon

    …the number one reason for plant failure when using conventional potting soil. Arriving compressed for shipping, the SpongEase potting medium uses water to expand 5 times its original size, creating the ultimate in potting soil perfection. Light, fluffy and naturally free of insects and diseases,…

    SpongEase™ Organic Planting Medium, 2-gallon



  6. Cat & Bird Pricklers, Set of 4

    …guests out of vegetable gardens, potted plants, flower boxes and more. Simply place the durable polypropylene cat and bird deterrent pads on top of soil to protect any area cats use as litter boxes, birds land to peck or chew, and other critters come to dig around and destroy your landscape. The…

    Cat & Bird Pricklers, Set of 4



  7. Mysterious Air Fern®

    …needs only the moisture in the air to keep it fresh under any condition. Remove Mysterious Air Fern® from package and place in a vase or pot without soil or water. This low-maintenance plant makes it possible to create a lush garden landscape in your home without requiring a green thumb. Creating a…

    Mysterious Air Fern®



  8. Flower Mat, Ground Cover, Creeping Thyme

    …17" x 5' pre-seeded creeping thyme roll-out mat contains hundreds of creeping thyme seeds. Just place these thyme ground cover mats on a prepared soil bed, cover with dirt, water daily and watch as the seeds germinate and your thyme groundcover spreads. These premium seeds are nestled in 100%…

    Flower Mat, Ground Cover, Creeping Thyme



  9. Shady Annual Tree Ring

    …bed ideas that involve very little planning, digging and planting. Just place these tree ring planters for shady areas under your tree in prepared soil, cover with dirt, water and watch your shade-loving flowers and plants grow in very little time at all. At Miles Kimball, we make creating beautiful…

    Shady Annual Tree Ring



  10. Mini Garden Trellis, Set of 3

    …sturdy start, making it a great small trellis for flower pots. A versatile mini size for easy use, each durable plastic trellis easily stakes in the soil for sturdy support, or can also be secured onto a wall, fence or near a pot. Each piece in the set of 3 also snaps together, and can be stacked…

    Mini Garden Trellis, Set of 3



  11. Bag O'Blooms® Strawberries

    By adding moist potting soil and everbearing "Ozark Beauty" strawberry plants to Bag O'Blooms® you can quickly enjoy fresh fruit all summer. Bag O'Blooms® affords you the ultimate flexibility in growing your own strawberries. "Ozark Beauty" is a favorite due to its large size berries and…

    Bag O'Blooms® Strawberries



  12. Seed Stones Cut Flowers Mixture

    Simply drop these pre-seeded stones into the soil to create an old-fashioned cutting garden with heirloom flowers your grandmother may have grown! Chosen for their beauty and heritage, the premium heirloom flower seeds are rolled in artisan clay—protecting them from insects, birds and other small…

    Seed Stones Cut Flowers Mixture



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