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Watering For Garden

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  1. Watering Can Stake with 4 Bouquets by Fox River Creations™

    …in lawn or garden, this charming Miles Kimball Watering Can Stake with 4 Bouquets switches up its look to suit the season! Giving you 4 different decorations in one, the silver watering can garden decor is crafted of durable hammered-look metal for a classic look, detailed with water spout and…

    Watering Can Stake with 4 Bouquets by Fox River Creations™



  2. Three-Tier Corner Garden Stand

    …it's perfect for outdoor or indoor display. All three graduated semi-circular tiers feature large drainage holes to allow excess water to flow through when watering your plants. Perfect for positioning in a corner, this corner plant stand's durable pieces simply snap together for easy assembly…

    Three-Tier Corner Garden Stand



  3. Three-Tier Garden Stand

    …rot and rust, making it perfect for outdoor or indoor use. All three graduated tiers feature large drainage holes to allow excess water to escape when watering your plants. The plant stand simply snaps together for easy assembly and disassembles just as easily for space-saving storage. 22 3/4" long…

    Three-Tier Garden Stand



  4. Honeybee Garden Flower Mat

    …roll-out flower garden mat is chock full of seeds that are nestled inside of 100% recycled paper. Just place this mat in a prepared area of your garden, water and watch your flowers grow. This honeybee garden mat is bursting with a carefully chosen mixture of flowers and plants for honeybees and…

    Honeybee Garden Flower Mat



  5. Sunflower Garden Mat

    …of cut flowers, too. Sunflower roll-out flower mats are a great way for kids to get involved with gardening because of their simple implementation: just place these seed mats on a prepared garden space, cover with dirt, water and wait. In seemingly no time at all, you'll be enjoying bursting…

    Sunflower Garden Mat



  6. Shady Garden Roll Out Seed Mat

    …flower garden to grow, water and wait. Within three weeks or so, you'll enjoy 15 varieties of shade flowers and plants, including poppies and forget-me-nots. Planting a shade garden couldn't be easier — our flower garden mats take the guesswork out of planting the right kind of flower for your…

    Shady Garden Roll Out Seed Mat



  7. Garden Fragrance Roll Out Seed Mat

    …flower garden. Our aromatic seed flower mat is a great activity for kids or for flower-loving individuals with no time for the effort involved in traditional gardening. Just place this flower seed mat in your prepared garden area that receives partial sun, cover with dirt, water and watch.…

    Garden Fragrance Roll Out Seed Mat



  8. Fire Hose Nozzle

    …twist adjusts garden hose attachment to a powerful jet stream, reaching second-story windows, cleaning siding, blasting debris from tops of trucks and RVs, then adjusting down to a fine mist for watering garden or potted plants. Plastic; features on/off switch. Fire hose nozzle for garden hose is 4"…

    Fire Hose Nozzle



  9. Fully Assembled Geranium Hanging Basket by OakRidge™

    Geraniums are a favorite for gardeners of all ages. However, their regular care, watering and their full sun requirements may limit where these summer flowers will thrive. With our faux geranium hanging basket by OakRidge™, you can enjoy summer blooms and a beautiful arrangement all year long. This…

    Fully Assembled Geranium Hanging Basket by OakRidge™



  10. Four Way Hose Splitter

    …two for a misting system and one for a garden hose to refresh a bird bath, or fill a kiddie pool for your grandkids. Easy on/off thumb switches allow individual control for each spigot of the faucet splitter, so you can customize your watering, depending on your flow rate needs and water pressure.…

    Four Way Hose Splitter



  11. Basket Spinners Set/2

    Simply ingenious! These metal basket spinners keep hanging baskets from tangling, so they swivel freely, even in the wind. Allows for easy all-over watering and beautiful display. Great for plants, birdfeeders, wind chimes, and other decorations, indoors or out. Set of two. 2 1/2" long x 1" wide.

    Basket Spinners Set/2



  12. Shady Annual Tree Ring

    …these tree ring planters for shady areas under your tree in prepared soil, cover with dirt, water and watch your shade-loving flowers and plants grow in very little time at all. At Miles Kimball, we make creating beautiful outdoor spaces and landscape gardens fun and easy for all members of your…

    Shady Annual Tree Ring



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