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Bird Deterrent

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  1. Magnetic Bird Deterrent

    …that naturally interferes with a bird's sense of direction and positioning, this magnetic bird deterrent confuses and disorientates unwanted pests—causing them to take their business elsewhere. For added protection, its holographic surface confuses and scares birds who can't determine whether it's…

    Magnetic Bird Deterrent



  2. Cat Reflector

    …reflector's holographic pattern flashes in the sun to scare birds away, while a bell adds an extra threat of startling sound—deterring animals not afraid of light. Crafted by our innovative Pest-B-Gone™ brand, the effective bird deterrent features shiny cat eyes and a bright prism that reflects on…

    Cat Reflector



  3. Bird Repellent Scare Tape by Pest-B-Gone™

    …them from landing. The shimmery bird tape also creates a startling noise when flapping in the wind, reinforcing birds' instinctive fears and making your yard even less attractive to them. Designed exclusively by Pest-B-Gone™, the affordable bird deterrent is easy to hang from trees, around…

    Bird Repellent Scare Tape by Pest-B-Gone™



  4. Squirrel Baffle

    …feathered friends peaceful dining and plenty to eat, the durable, weather-resistant squirrel guard is a simple, harmless way to keep squirrels out of most any bird feeder. It's constructed of flexible plastic and includes metal brackets for easy mounting. Squirrel deterrent measures 16 1/2" dia.

    Squirrel Baffle



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