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  1. Then Sings My Soul Book

    Then Sings My Soul Book will reacquaint you with 150 beloved old hymns and the stories behind them. This hymn book of inspirational treasures feature devotional style accounts and history, many reflecting the hymn’s impact on ordinary people. Includes complete music and lyrics. Each softcover; 308…

    Then Sings My Soul Book



  2. Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Books, Set of 10

    …Wheel of Fortune challenge to enjoy at home or on the go, these Wheel of Fortune puzzle books are a letter-perfect WIN for puzzle lovers! Helping keep your mind sharp with a fun assortment of themes, each book features 27 puzzles, including classic Wheel of Fortune puzzles, along with answer keys.…

    Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Books, Set of 10



  3. 1-2-3 Color Me Hummingbird Coloring Book

    A quick, easy guide to adult coloring, this 1-2-3 Color Me Hummingbird coloring book includes step-by-step examples and color keys—walking you through the basics so you can enjoy calming relaxation and creativity! Includes 27 coloring pages with a variety of single-centric images to color, plus…

    1-2-3 Color Me Hummingbird Coloring Book



  4. Is This Thing On?

    …using a computer! Learn how to shop for and set up a computer, use e-mail and internet, master a mouse, printer, scanner and more. Is This Thing On? book covers the basics of word processing, sending and receiving digital photos and enjoying online shopping, banking, travel planning and dating. Also…

    Is This Thing On?



  5. Original Colorforms®

    …easily attach to any glossy surface or to each other. Offering endless possibilities for fun pictures, this iconic gift set includes a spiral-bound book with illustrated design pages, plus blank pages to safely store and carry the Colorform pieces. Coated cardboard, vinyl, plastic. 13" long x 12"…

    Original Colorforms®



  6. Compact Sewing Machine

    Don’t let its compact size fool you, this compact sewing machine is big on features, and SEW convenient! Perfect for quick repairs, mending and hemming, this travel sewing machine is easy to transport and set up, battery-operated and controlled with the included foot pedal or hand switch. Small…

    Compact Sewing Machine



  7. Family Organizer Book

    Create a loving gift for your family by entering in this family organizing book. All the information they'll need to know one day about your banking, personal property, insurance, burial wishes, investments, etc. 10 lined pages clearly identify topics to cover, with space for writing family…

    Family Organizer Book



  8. Ideals Christmas Issue

    …by beautiful, full-color artwork or photography, adding to the reasons loyal readers have sought out each year’s edition since 1944. Perfect for sharing with loved ones and friends, this beautiful book will spread Christmas joy once more this year. 80 pages, softcover, 8 1/2" wide x 11" high.

    Ideals Christmas Issue



  9. Brain Games® Sherlock Holmes Puzzles

    Designed to give your thinking cap a workout, this Brain Games® Sherlock Holmes Puzzles book includes over 100 detective-themed challenges—all inspired by the world's top detective, Sherlock Holmes. Test your memory, observational skills and deductive know-how with cryptograms, anagrams, word…

    Brain Games® Sherlock Holmes Puzzles



  10. Adult Color & Frame Seasons Coloring Book

    Color your way to calming relaxation with this Color & Frame seasons coloring book, beautifully designed for grown ups! Filled with templates and designs for all year round, the adult coloring book is an opportunity to slow down and unplug, as you fill each page with color and create your own…

    Adult Color & Frame Seasons Coloring Book



  11. Merriam Webster Puzzle Books, Set of 10

    …word-loving fun, these Merriam Webster puzzle books come from the language experts at Merriam Webster! Helping sharpen your mind and vocabulary with word searches, crossword puzzles, scramblegrams, riddles, word columns, ladders and more, each word puzzle book features a variety of fun themes ...…

    Merriam Webster Puzzle Books, Set of 10



  12. "1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die"

    …lifetime as author Tom Moon showcases 1,000 must-hear recordings sure to open your ears to new sounds of joy, mystery, passion and pleasure. This book's entries are arranged alphabetically to break down genre bias and broaden your horizons, as you journey through classical, jazz, rock, pop, blues,…

    "1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die"



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