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Cat Balls

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  1. Motion-Activated Cat Balls - Set of 3

    Enticing your little hunter to play, these motion-activated cat balls light up like magic when kitty bats, swats or pounces! Appealing to a cat’s natural chase instincts, the plastic balls feature LED lights that flash in blue, red and yellow when activated by motion, then stop after a few minutes…

    Motion-Activated Cat Balls - Set of 3



  2. Cat Tumbler

    …fun rolling ... keeping kitty engaged in healthy, interactive play! Our cat tumbler toy includes a ball that rings along with the motion and a feather on top for kitty to swat and pounce on. Helping satisfy your cat's natural instincts and need for physical and mental stimulation, the fun tumbler…

    Cat Tumbler



  3. 3-Way Cat Tunnel

    …fun 3-Way Cat Tunnel! Complete with 2 dangling balls attached inside to encourage active play, the durable cat crinkle tunnel provides a great place for your cat to explore while enjoying the privacy she loves. Featuring a large center peephole for looking out or climbing out, our 3-way cat tunnel…

    3-Way Cat Tunnel



  4. Hide and Seek Cat Toys, Set of 2

    Enticing your cat to swat, pounce and play, these Hide and Seek cat toys feature rattling toys inside to keep her interested—while sisal fabric outside helps groom claws. As the plastic cat ball toys roll, feathered toys inside peek out through one of 6 openings, inspiring your cat's instincts to…

    Hide and Seek Cat Toys, Set of 2



  5. Kitty Fun Bopper™, Set of 3

    …provide hours of interactive play every cat needs! Featuring springy mesh atop a soft foam ball, these bright, light-up cat toy balls bounce and flash as kitty swats, chases and pounces. Offering irresistible textures and fun, each interactive cat toy's LED light inside activates automatically…

    Kitty Fun Bopper™, Set of 3



  6. Catville Loft

    …Providing a safe, dedicated place for your cat to satisfy natural instincts while alleviating boredom and discouraging destructive behavior, this light, yet durable cat perch attracts and engages cats of all ages and activity levels. The stylish piece of cat furniture is crafted of leopard-print…

    Catville Loft



  7. Doo Wopp Kitty Carnival

    …this luxurious toy gives your cat a chance to bat, swat and play—while offering a safe, satisfying place to scratch. The Doo Wopp Kitty Carnival's cylinder shape with 4 posts and 4 teasing balls appeals to cats of all ages and sizes. The large sisal scratching ball also provides a designated place…

    Doo Wopp Kitty Carnival



  8. Pizzazz Kitty Carnival

    This interactive toy encourages your cat to enjoy natural prey-stalking instincts while encouraging the active exercise and mental stimulation all cats need. Four fun teasing balls keep kitty engaged in play—enticing her to stalk and pounce on the moving targets, batting with abandon, then coming…

    Pizzazz Kitty Carnival



  9. Stumpy Kitty Carnival

    Enticing your cat to engage in hours of solitary play, this interactive toy provides mental stimulation and healthy exercise—even when you're away! Accompanied by jingling bells for added fun, Stumpy Kitty Carnival's soft, plush-covered teasing balls appeal to kitty's natural instinct to stalk and…

    Stumpy Kitty Carnival



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