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  1. Rockin’ Laser Cat Toy

    …cat toy, watching it spin, and chasing the laser light’s unpredictable movements! Kitty’s playful swats keep the weighted-based laser toy rocking, and its motion sensor sends the laser beam bouncing, sending kitty on a wild chase—preventing boredom while encouraging exercise and stimulating play.…

    Rockin’ Laser Cat Toy



  2. Kitty Fun Bopper™, Set of 3

    Rolling, bouncing and lighting up for added fun, Kitty Fun Boppers™ provide hours of interactive play every cat needs! Featuring springy mesh atop a soft foam ball, these bright, light-up cat toy balls bounce and flash as kitty swats, chases and pounces. Offering irresistible textures and fun, each…

    Kitty Fun Bopper™, Set of 3



  3. Rockin' Cat Scratcher

    …this Rockin’ cat scratcher! No batteries needed, since kitty’s natural motion charges up the fun. The specially designed convex base moves with each swipe of the paw, keeping the shiny ball inside rolling. A built in scratch pad maintains kitty’s claws while keeping furniture safe. Sure to bring out…

    Rockin' Cat Scratcher



  4. Motion-Activated Cat Balls - Set of 3

    Enticing your little hunter to play, these motion-activated cat balls light up like magic when kitty bats, swats or pounces! Appealing to a cat’s natural chase instincts, the plastic balls feature LED lights that flash in blue, red and yellow when activated by motion, then stop after a few minutes…

    Motion-Activated Cat Balls - Set of 3



  5. Floral Cat 3/4-Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt

    Graced with playful kitties and pretty florals, this floral car 3/4-sleeve crew neck shirt adds a touch of “meow wow” to your wardrobe! Adorable in all three colors, the floral shirt is designed exclusively by Sawyer Creek Studio™ with classic crew neck and comfy 3/4-length sleeves for just-right…

    Floral Cat 3/4-Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt



  6. Personalized Cat Spoon Rest

    Adding cat-loving style to any kitchen, this adorable personalized cat spoon rest will be purr-sonalized for added fun! Adorned with two darling kitties and a single paw print; your handpainted name or message creates a one-of-a-kind, unique spoon rest. Specify name/message; limit 1 line, 10…

    Personalized Cat Spoon Rest



  7. Kitty Power Paws Sphere Scratching Post

    Besides the satisfying scratching this sisal Kitty Power Paws Sphere Scratching Post provides, its unique sphere shape offers fun opportunity to jump and pounce, while a feather-tipped tassel entices kitty to bat, swat, stay and play! Your cat will stretch and tone while grooming nails and keeping…

    Kitty Power Paws Sphere Scratching Post



  8. Whimsi Kitty Carnival

    Enticing kitty with teasing balls to swat and bat, this toy's fun cradle shape keeps the excitement rolling—keeping your cat engaged! Offering active play to help your pet maintain a healthy body weight and keep muscles toned and strong, a toy like this also helps keep kitty's mind alert and active…

    Whimsi Kitty Carnival



  9. Stumpy Kitty Carnival

    …mental stimulation and healthy exercise—even when you're away! Accompanied by jingling bells for added fun, Stumpy Kitty Carnival's soft, plush-covered teasing balls appeal to kitty's natural instinct to stalk and pounce on their prey, keeping her interested and stimulated, swat after playful swat.…

    Stumpy Kitty Carnival



  10. Pizzazz Kitty Carnival

    …exercise and mental stimulation all cats need. Four fun teasing balls keep kitty engaged in play—enticing her to stalk and pounce on the moving targets, batting with abandon, then coming back for more. For added fun, Pizzazz Kitty Carnival's wedge-shaped base includes 3 cut-out holes you can drop…

    Pizzazz Kitty Carnival



  11. Kitty Starter Kit

    Get your new kitty off to a great start with quality essentials from PetPals—all bundled in one cat-loving kit! The Kitty Starter Kit includes a soft, cozy fleece bed, water dish and dining bowl, plus a fleece cat tree with sisal posts for scratching and teasing toys for hours of active fun.…

    Kitty Starter Kit



  12. Doo Wopp Kitty Carnival

    …blue plush, this luxurious toy gives your cat a chance to bat, swat and play—while offering a safe, satisfying place to scratch. The Doo Wopp Kitty Carnival's cylinder shape with 4 posts and 4 teasing balls appeals to cats of all ages and sizes. The large sisal scratching ball also provides…

    Doo Wopp Kitty Carnival



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