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  1. Snoring Chin Strap

    …prevent snoring, this soft, comfy snoring chin strap may be all you need for a better night’s sleep. No mask, mouthguard, hooks or adjustments to fuss with; slip-on unisex design’s open top accommodates and helps preserve any hairstyle. Ultrasoft polar fleece chin strap for snoring is 80%…

    Snoring Chin Strap



  2. Snore Doctor

    Comfortable, reusable Snore Doctor mouth guard helps promote clearer breathing by gently keeping oral and nasal airways open while you sleep. Drug-free, FDA-cleared mouthpiece is ideal for those with apnea, snoring and allergy problems. Includes convenient carrying case and plastic tab for use when…

    Snore Doctor



  3. Nasal CPAP Mask

    Sleep easier with a nasal CPAP mask designed to increase comfort, compliance and stability. NasalFit Deluxe EZ CPAP Mask features a soft silicon cushion, comfortable forehead plate with silicon pad, and a 360° rotational elbow—all designed to provide a secure, custom fit and continuous comfort.…

    Nasal CPAP Mask



  4. Full Face CPAP Mask

    This deluxe full face CPAP mask provides effective sleep therapy with one big difference—it's comfortable enough to actually sleep in! Its soft silicone design conforms comfortably to your face, while frame stabilizers redistribute pressure evenly over a large surface area, increasing the mask's…

    Full Face CPAP Mask



  5. NativeRemedies® SnoreX™ - 1 oz.

    [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"* Supports easy breathing for peaceful, rested sleep\n* Supports open sinus passages\n* Promotes ease of breathing\n* Supports nasal passage drainage\n* Promotes restful sleep\nSnoreX is a 100% safe, non-addictive, natural herbal remedy specially…

    NativeRemedies® SnoreX™ - 1 oz.



  6. PetAlive® Sinu-Rite™ - 1 oz.

    …without fussing or fighting. Regular use can help to temporarily relieve nasal congestion in dogs and cats, which can also be attributed to snoring, open mouth breathing and/or labored breathing, and constant pawing at the face. Acute sinusitis commonly lasts 10-14 days. If symptoms are still…

    PetAlive® Sinu-Rite™ - 1 oz.



  7. CPAP Hose Holder

    The CPAP hose holder is a sturdy iron pole that secures under mattress and fits any CPAP hose, keeping it up and out of the way as you sleep. Folds for storage. CPAP hose hanger is 34 1/2"H when set up. Fits hoses up to 1 1/4"dia.

    CPAP Hose Holder



  8. Acupressure Wrist Band

    Acupressure wrist band helps you fall asleep safely and naturally. This lightweight, comfortable insomnia bracelet slips on before bed. You'll feel your mind and body relax. Wake refreshed with no medication side effects. Comfortable hook-and-loop band fits up to a 10" wrist.

    Acupressure Wrist Band



  9. NativeRemedies® Triple Complex Sleep Tonic™ - 2 oz.

    [{"textkey":1,"title":"Description","text":"* Temporarily restores healthy sleep patterns and encourages body relaxation\n* Relieves mild tension and increases drowsiness\n* Relieves sleeplessness\n* Helps to balance the hormones involved in sleep patterns\n* Supports rejuvenation through restful…

    NativeRemedies® Triple Complex Sleep Tonic™ - 2 oz.



  10. Instavit™ Sweet Dreams™ Oral Spray

    Instavit™ Sweet Dreams™ oral spray helps you drift off into soothing sleep and wake up refreshed. Easy-to-use, great-tasting sleep spray contains fast-absorbing melatonin to help promote natural, restorative sleep. Each 2-spray dose of this sugar-free, zero-calorie formula contains 0.8 mg of…

    Instavit™ Sweet Dreams™ Oral Spray



  11. Universal CPAP Tubing, 6 ft.

    Designed to fit all CPAP masks and sleep therapy machines, this durable, universal 6' universal CPAP tubing easily replaces an old, worn out CPAP hose—helping maintain effective sleep therapy. Innovative smooth bore design features universal 22mm connectors on both ends, allowing easy attaching and…

    Universal CPAP Tubing, 6 ft.



  12. Himalayan Magnetic Salt Foot Detox Patches - Set of 10

    Himalayan salt foot detox patches with magnetic fibers safely and naturally cleanse toxins from your body. Self-adhesive foot detox pads are recommended for relieving aches, poor circulation and trouble sleeping, or for those who frequently take medications. 10 patches last 5 days.

    Himalayan Magnetic Salt Foot Detox Patches - Set of 10



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