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  1. Heavenly Caramels™, Butter

    …Heavenly Caramels™, Butter! Treating you to old-fashioned homemade goodness, these luxurious butter caramels are created the way caramel was meant to be—rich, creamy and incredibly soft. Each individually wrapped treasure is pure delight, satisfying even the discriminating caramel lover. 4.7…

    Heavenly Caramels™, Butter



  2. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

    …buttery caramel and light, just-right sprinkling of premium sea salt. There's nothing more satisfying ... and entire boxes of these luxurious Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels can disappear the second you turn your back, so we recommend stocking up on several! Perfect for giving, the salted caramel

    Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels



  3. Caramel Pecan Candy - 1 Lb.

    Creamy, chewy caramel pecan candy is buttery, sweet and gloriously gooey—with bits of crunchy, chopped pecans for over-the-top goodness! Made from scratch with the finest ingredients and a touch of southern love, the individually wrapped caramel candy will have y’all begging for more. 1 lb.

    Caramel Pecan Candy - 1 Lb.



  4. Goetze's Caramel Creams® Tin by Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™

    …Goetze's Caramel Creams in 5 luscious flavors. Chewy but not sticky, the legendary twist-wrap caramels feature sweet centers made of delicious cream—earning the nickname "Bullseye Candy". Along with the original vanilla flavor introduced in 1918, the Goetze's confectioners also make Caramel Creams®…

    Goetze's Caramel Creams® Tin by Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™



  5. Heavenly Caramels™, Vanilla Sea Salt

    …Heavenly Caramels™, Vanilla Sea Salt are made with fresh cream and butter, combined with the comforting warmth of real vanilla and the just-right pleasure of pure sea salt. Called "fantastically yummy" and "best caramels EVER" by delighted fans, the individually wrapped Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels

    Heavenly Caramels™, Vanilla Sea Salt



  6. The Peanut Shop® Caramel Apple Honey Roasted Peanuts

    Roasted with pure honey and coated in an apple pie spice blend, The Peanut Shop® Caramel Apple Honey Roasted Peanuts treat your tastebuds to caramel apple pleasure—with the large, legendary crunch of plump Virginia peanuts. Handcooked in small batches for a taste of pure Southern goodness, the…

    The Peanut Shop® Caramel Apple Honey Roasted Peanuts



  7. Cashew Log Roll

    These luscious, handmade confections boast light, fluffy, nougat, dipped in rich, buttery caramel and rolled in fresh, premium cashews. A sweet-and-salty southern favorite for over 90 years, this legendary treat is still made from an old family recipe ... and just as scrumptious today! 3 oz.

    Cashew Log Roll



  8. Caramel Apple Creams®

    …gourmet Caramel Apple Creams® boast Goetze’s legendary caramel wrapped around a swirl of tart, creamy apple-flavored fondant. Like a crisp granny smith drenched in buttery caramel, the kitchen-fresh caramel apple candies are sweet, tart and spot-on scrumptious. Each individually wrapped caramel

    Caramel Apple Creams®



  9. Goetze's® StrawberriCreams Caramel

    …flavor swirled around creamy white fondant, chewy Goetze's® StrawberriCreams caramel offers sweet, berry-loving bliss! Boasting legendary goodness from the Goetze candy confectioners, each individually wrapped strawberry caramel treat is pure delight. 11.5 oz. of old fashioned caramel candy.

    Goetze's® StrawberriCreams Caramel



  10. Long Boy Jr. Coconut - 12 oz.

    …just as good as ever! Made with the same wholesome recipe that made them a southern legend, these chewy treats boast the sweetness of buttery caramel with soft, creamy texture—blended with tiny flakes of fresh coconut and rolled into bite-size bliss. When you enjoy a Long Boy Junior, you’re biting…

    Long Boy Jr. Coconut - 12 oz.



  11. Caramel Creams® - 12.5 oz.

    Caramel Creams® were nicknamed “bulls eye candy” by candy lovers decades ago! These beloved treats boast soft, chewy caramel wrapped around a sweet fondant center. Legendary since 1918 when the candymakers at Goetze’s first created these delightful caramels, each individually wrapped candy is still…

    Caramel Creams® - 12.5 oz.



  12. Goetze's® Chocolate Caramel Creams

    …chocolate caramel creams ... Goetze’s® chewy, old-fashioned caramel candy now comes in luscious chocolate flavor, nestled around those beloved, vanilla fondant centers. These Goetze caramel creams are individually wrapped and incredibly delicious! 11.5 oz. of Goetze Candy old-fashioned caramels.

    Goetze's® Chocolate Caramel Creams



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