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Chocolate Candy

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  1. Dark Chocolate Creams

    …can have it all ... Asher's® Dark Chocolate Creams boast the finest dark chocolate, surrounding luscious whipped centers of lemon, orange, maple and raspberry. Each decadent gourmet chocolate is incredibly delicious, and you can serve these cream-filled chocolates for a rich after-dinner treat or…

    Dark Chocolate Creams



  2. Texas Chewie® Pecan Pralines

    …and large, premium Texas pecans. Cooked to perfection in old-time copper kettles, the sweet, nutty Texas pecan pralines are individually wrapped, packed in a gift box, and destined to disappear quickly! These Texas pralines are also available with a light, creamy coating of milk chocolate. 6 oz.

    Texas Chewie® Pecan Pralines



  3. Pecan Titans

    Nutty, gooey, dreamy, decadent—however you describe these tempting pecan titans, chances are you’ll be hooked! Original pecan candy titans are created from freshly roasted pecans and creamy caramel, covered in premium milk chocolate. Ready to share and enjoy!

    Pecan Titans



  4. Milk Chocolate Nutty Pleasures®

    These scrumptious Milk Chocolate Nutty Pleasures® live up to their name—boasting layers of creamy caramel and roasted peanuts drenched in velvety milk chocolate for pure pleasure in every bite. Perfect for serving or sharing, the premium milk chocolate clusters are made in small batches with only…

    Milk Chocolate Nutty Pleasures®



  5. Milk Chocolate Slices

    Enjoy a slice of pure delight! This classic treat comes in scrumptious flavors, perfect for holiday giving. Peel the foil wrapper from the chocolate, lightly tap on table, and they fall into even wedges—a rich flavor sensation in smooth, velvety chocolate. Each: 5 oz.

    Milk Chocolate Slices



  6. Milk Chocolate Triple Dipped Malted Milk Balls

    With three luscious layers of gourmet milk chocolate surrounding crunchy malted milk centers, these milk chocolate triple-dipped malted milk balls will spoil you for anything less. Three times thicker than most, the rich, European-style chocolate candy gives taste buds plenty of pleasure before…

    Milk Chocolate Triple Dipped Malted Milk Balls



  7. Milk Chocolate Creams

    …Each luscious, lightly whipped center deliciously compliments the silky milk chocolate coating, treating you to pure satisfaction that satisfies even the hard-to-please palate. The classic cream-filled chocolates are a luxury you'll be proud to give or serve ... and sure to disappear quickly.…

    Milk Chocolate Creams



  8. The Peanut Shop® Bridge Mix

    Bridging the gap between nuts and candy, The Peanut Shop® Bridge Mix features bits of peanuts, cashews, almonds, malted milk balls and raisins—luxuriously panned in gourmet milk chocolate and so good, you'll be smitten! Boasting only extra-large, premium Virginia peanuts, wholesome almonds, giant…

    The Peanut Shop® Bridge Mix



  9. Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers Graduation Stars, Set of 24

    candy bar wrappers. Colorful shooting stars light up the sky-blue background, leaving just enough room for a heartfelt message on both sides. Specify front message; limit 1 line, 14 characters. "Class of" is not standard. Specify back message; limit 2 lines, 40 letters/spaces. Set of 24 chocolate

    Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers Graduation Stars, Set of 24



  10. Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes

    Nicknamed chocolate peanut butter buckeyes for Ohio's state tree, these chocolate covered peanut butter balls are made by Harry London Quality Chocolates in Canton, Ohio. Creamy peanut butter centers are drenched in premium milk chocolate for a treat that proves irresistible. Packed in a tin for…

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes



  11. Divine Meringues® Chocolate Cocoa Crunch

    chocolate lovers ... these light, low fat Divine Meringues® Chocolate Cocoa Crunch meringue cookies have the creamy, dreamy decadence to satisfy your cravings without the guilt! Each 7-calorie chocolate meringue melts in your mouth like a blissful chocolate cloud, while bits of semi-sweet chocolate

    Divine Meringues® Chocolate Cocoa Crunch



  12. Jelly Belly® Krispy Kreme® Gift Pack

    …5 gourmet flavors inspired by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Jelly Belly® tasting has never "bean" sweeter! Featuring Original Glazed, Strawberry Iced, Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles, Glazed Blueberry Cake and Cinnamon Apple Filled gourmet jelly beans in a fun, bakery-inspired box, this Jelly Belly® Krispy…

    Jelly Belly® Krispy Kreme® Gift Pack



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