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Chocolate Candy

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  1. Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe Classic Non Pareils, 19 oz.

    You'll find our classic nonpareils candy to be just as rich as the chocolate nonpareils from your childhood! These dark chocolate nonpareils live up to their French name—being second to none! The classic combination of smooth, dark chocolate sprinkled with tiny white sugar beads provides sweet…

    Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe Classic Non Pareils, 19 oz.



  2. Pearson's® Mint Patties, 11 oz.

    …you're craving cool, creamy mint and dark chocolate, nothing satisfies like the REAL goodness of Pearson's® Mint Patties. These gourmet treasures are proudly made in the USA using premium ingredients like pure peppermint oil and creamy dark chocolate with 66% genuine cacao for rich, real decadence.…

    Pearson's® Mint Patties, 11 oz.



  3. Belgian Chocolate Seashells, 2.3 oz.

    …passion and art, these exquisite Belgian chocolate seashells boast world-famous Belgian excellence, beautifully sculpted into unique marbled seashells. Each carefully crafted with a blend of luscious white, milk or dark Belgian chocolate, the elegant chocolate shells are smooth, silky, satisfying…

    Belgian Chocolate Seashells, 2.3 oz.



  4. Milk Chocolate Triple Dipped Malted Milk Balls

    With three luscious layers of gourmet milk chocolate surrounding crunchy malted milk centers, these milk chocolate triple-dipped malted milk balls will spoil you for anything less. Three times thicker than most, the rich, European-style chocolate candy gives taste buds plenty of pleasure before…

    Milk Chocolate Triple Dipped Malted Milk Balls



  5. Milk Chocolate Frittle®

    …buttery, fudge-like, brittle-like candy folks are raving about—and now this Milk Chocolate Frittle® is covered in creamy milk chocolate! Like an old-school throwback meets a Newfangled® original, this frittle candy boasts the classic peanutty sweetness of chocolate brittle combined with peanut…

    Milk Chocolate Frittle®



  6. Dark Chocolate Sticks

    Impressive on a dessert tray or wrapped for holiday giving, these elegant treats make your celebration special. Gourmet orange, cherry or raspberry jelly is surrounded by rich dark chocolate for pure satisfaction in every bite. Each 10 oz. box includes 35 sticks.

    Dark Chocolate Sticks



  7. Milk Chocolate Slices

    Enjoy a slice of pure delight! This classic treat comes in scrumptious flavors, perfect for holiday giving. Peel the foil wrapper from the chocolate, lightly tap on table, and they fall into even wedges—a rich flavor sensation in smooth, velvety chocolate. Each: 5 oz.

    Milk Chocolate Slices



  8. Chocolate Merlot Dessert Cake

    …care from mixing room to oven, this moist Chocolate Merlot Dessert Cake treats you to dense, decadent chocolate and the luxurious taste of Merlot … literally melting in your mouth. The old-fashioned American bakery that creates this signature chocolate cake dessert incorporates the finest liqueur…

    Chocolate Merlot Dessert Cake



  9. Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins 6 oz.

    Complete with cute, penguin faces, these adorable, tuxedo-clad friends are molded of rich, premium dark chocolate with silky, white mint centers. Delightful for giving or serving, the 6-oz. box includes 12 marvelous, minty treasures.

    Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins 6 oz.



  10. 1980's Nostalgic Candy Mix

    …the 1980's Nostalgic Candy Mix includes 1 of each: Atomic Fireball, Bubble Tape, Caramel Piece, Flavored Tootsie Rolls, Jawbreaker, Laffy Taffy, Licorice Stick, Pixy Stix, Ring Pop, Runts, Smarties, Starburst, Sweetarts and Chocolate Tootsie Rolls. A delicious flashback in candy form, it's a yummy…

    1980's Nostalgic Candy Mix



  11. Tootsie Pops

    With a chewy, chocolatey center covered in sweet, hard candy coating, the beloved Tootsie Pop has been pleasing kids since 1931! Still nestled in classic waxed paper wrappers, the orange, chocolate, grape and cherry-flavored Tootsie Roll pops beckon plenty of sweet satisfying licks (or impatient…

    Tootsie Pops



  12. 3-Section Trail Mix Tin by Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™

    …lovers to 3 gourmet trail mixes, this 3-Section Trail Mix Tin by Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ is perfect for holiday giving or serving. Country Mix combines crunchy peanuts, plump raisins, chocolate flavored candies, almonds and cashews (8 oz.). White Mountain Mix combines sesame stix, peanuts,…

    3-Section Trail Mix Tin by Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™



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