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Dark Chocolate

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  1. Dark Chocolate Sticks

    Impressive on a dessert tray or wrapped for holiday giving, these elegant treats make your celebration special. Gourmet orange, cherry or raspberry jelly is surrounded by rich dark chocolate for pure satisfaction in every bite. Each 10 oz. box includes 35 sticks.

    Dark Chocolate Sticks



  2. Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar

    …Shoppe took no shortcuts on decadence when creating this Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar...and your tastebuds will be thrilled! Made in small batches with the richest dark chocolate and intensely flavored espresso, it pairs deliciously with red wine or coffee. Tucked in…

    Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar



  3. Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate Bar

    Bite into a taste of pure bliss with the original Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate Bar. Made with old-fashioned pride and top-quality ingredients, the velvety dark chocolate boasts a smooth, silky consistency and is deliciously satisfying on its own or with a glass of red wine or hot cup…

    Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate Bar



  4. Dark Chocolate Mini Snoconuts

    If you love sweet, creamy coconut, you’ll ADORE it drenched in dark chocolate! And this isn’t ordinary dark chocolate ... it’s Sander’s rich, velvety gourmet best. Always handcrafted in small batches, these scrumptious dark chocolate mini snoconuts are boxed for holiday giving, and delicious by the…

    Dark Chocolate Mini Snoconuts



  5. Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate With Graham Bar

    …treat, this Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate With Graham Bar combines the goodness of premium dark chocolate with the crunch of a freshly baked graham cracker. Deliciously crafted by the experts at Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe, the chocolate covered graham is nothing short of pure bliss.…

    Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate With Graham Bar



  6. Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

    …drenched in thick, decadent dark chocolate! Putting the average drugstore variety to shame, the fresh, crunchy almonds are roasted in small batches and smothered in a thick, even coating of fine, dark chocolate. Perfect for giving, serving and snacking, these dark chocolate covered almonds are the…

    Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds



  7. Chocolate Rum Ring Cake

    An oven-fresh treasure from Grandma's Bake Shoppe®, this signature Chocolate Rum Ring Cake comes from a secret recipe brought to America from Europe in 1917. Boasting a rich blend of the finest cocoa and dark Caribbean rum, each moist, velvety dessert cake is individually baked for a taste that…

    Chocolate Rum Ring Cake



  8. Dark Chocolate Slices

    Enjoy a slice of pure delight! This classic treat comes in scrumptious flavors, perfect for holiday giving. Peel the foil wrapper from the chocolate, lightly tap on table, and they fall into even wedges—a rich flavor sensation in smooth, velvety chocolate. 5 oz.

    Dark Chocolate Slices



  9. Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy - 13 oz.

    …many names ... sponge candy, angel food, seafoam, honeycomb and molasses puffs. With magical, caramelized sugar center that’s crisp at first, then melts marvelously in your mouth, this luxurious treat is drenched in creamy milk or decadent dark chocolate. One bite, and you’ll be hooked! 13 oz. each.

    Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy - 13 oz.



  10. Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans

    …on their own, but when drenched in decadent dark chocolate, they’re over-the-top, out-of-this world amazing (and the ultimate gift!). These dark chocolate covered pecans are made in small batches with the freshest, premium ingredients and thick, creamy dark chocolate—we dare you to resist! 8 oz.

    Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans



  11. Nonpareils Candy

    …find our classic nonpareils candy to be just as rich as the chocolate nonpareils from your childhood! These dark chocolate nonpareils live up to their French name—being second to none! The classic combination of smooth, dark chocolate sprinkled with tiny white sugar beads provides sweet satisfaction…

    Nonpareils Candy



  12. Pearson's® Mint Patties

    When you're craving cool, creamy mint and dark chocolate, nothing satisfies like the REAL goodness of Pearson's® Mint Patties. These gourmet treasures are proudly made in the USA using premium ingredients like pure peppermint oil and creamy dark chocolate with 66% genuine cacao for rich, real…

    Pearson's® Mint Patties



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