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  1. Butter Toffee Peanuts

    These crispy butter toffee peanuts give your sweet-salty tastebuds the ultimate thrill—satisfying all your cravings while leaving you smitten and spoiled for anything less. Only the largest, crunchiest Virginia peanuts make the cut for this sweet, buttery treat, so give or serve them with pride, and…

    Butter Toffee Peanuts



  2. Melissa & Doug® Deluxe Tool Belt Set

    …screwdriver, wrench, ruler, and painted saw--fit snuggly in the adjustable tool belt and a child's hand. Saw apart the self-sticking blocks and use the nuts and bolts or safety nail (no sharp points) to connect them again! A name tag on the Melissa & Doug® Deluxe Tool Belt Set can be personalized…

    Melissa & Doug® Deluxe Tool Belt Set



  3. Personalized Wooden Nutcracker

    …100% pine, this nutcracker doll is bearded, handpainted and wonderfully detailed, right down to a mouth that opens and shuts for decorative fun (no nuts, please!). His fancy hat sparkles with glitter and rhinestones; we’ll hand personalize the brim for a keepsake gift you’ll only find here. Specify…

    Personalized Wooden Nutcracker



  4. Cashew Log Roll

    These luscious, handmade confections boast light, fluffy, nougat, dipped in rich, buttery caramel and rolled in fresh, premium cashews. A sweet-and-salty southern favorite for over 90 years, this legendary treat is still made from an old family recipe ... and just as scrumptious today! 3 oz.

    Cashew Log Roll



  5. Boston Baked Beans

    Old-fashioned Boston Baked Beans are sweet, crunchy candy-coated peanuts ... still delicious, and still NOT beans! The crisp sugar shells deliver just a hint of sweetness, sealing in fresh, flavorful peanuts for a unique, tasty treat. Fun for your candy dish and pure bliss for snacking, these…

    Boston Baked Beans



  6. Orville Redenbacher Theater Fountain Popper

    Designed by the popcorn experts at Orville Redenbacher, the Orville Redenbacher Theater Fountain Popper delivers up to 20 cups of popcorn in about 3 1/2 minutes—with virtually no unpopped kernels wasted. The large 40-cup capacity cabinet makes it fun for game-day parties or movie nights, and since…

    Orville Redenbacher Theater Fountain Popper



  7. Assorted Nut Tray by Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™

    …separated into 4 compartments, our gift-ready gourmet nut mix includes natural almonds, honey roasted peanuts, roasted, salted cashews and roasted, salted pistachios. Heart healthy and packed with protein, the fresh, flavorful assortment of mixed nuts is delightful for giving, serving and everyday…

    Assorted Nut Tray by Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™



  8. Deluxe Nut Mix Tin

    This deluxe nut mix tin is almost as delightful as the gourmet treats inside! Our charming tin holds a delectable assorted nut mix—a treat that's perfect for gift giving, holiday parties and so much more. 16 oz.

    Deluxe Nut Mix Tin



  9. The Peanut Shop® Praline Glazed Peanuts

    The Peanut Shop® uses super-sized, cream-of-the-crop Virginia Peanuts for these praline glazed beauties ... and old-fashioned handcooking creates pure magic. Delivering sweet-and-salty perfection in every giant, crunchy gourmet peanut, you'll taste the difference, handful after heavenly handful!…

    The Peanut Shop® Praline Glazed Peanuts



  10. The Peanut Shop® Honey Mustard Peanuts

    Sweet, sassy and SUPER extra-large ... these premiere The Peanut Shop® Honey Mustard Peanuts are handcooked in small batches and smothered with tasty honey mustard seasoning. Delivering pure satisfaction for honey mustard fans, they're distinctively unique and always great tasting. Crunchy,…

    The Peanut Shop® Honey Mustard Peanuts



  11. Penuche Pecan Log Roll

    The Penuche pecan log roll (pronounced PAH-NEW-CHEE)l is a fluffy, fudge-like confection of brown sugar, cream and chopped nuts—and this one is distinguished by the sweet addition of rich maple flavoring. This dreamy nougat center is expertly shaped and dipped in buttery caramel, then rolled in the…

    Penuche Pecan Log Roll



  12. Pecan Log Roll

    Enjoy fresh southern goodness in a sweet-and-salty classic. This pecan log roll from Miles Kimball is a nut-loving treat features a fluffy nougat center, wrapped in creamy caramel and plump, premier Georgia pecans. Like the roadside souvenirs you loved as a child, each bite is sweet, crunchy bliss!…

    Pecan Log Roll



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