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  1. 1950's Nostalgic Candy Mix

    …enjoyed the candy in this retro collection! The 1950's Nostalgic Candy Mix includes 1 of each: Black Taffy, NECCO Assorted Wafers, Sugar Daddy, Atomic Fireball, Root Beer Barrels, Chuckles, Licorice Stick, Bit O' Honey, Tootsie Roll, Lifesavers, Smarties, Candy Necklace, Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles, Candy

    1950's Nostalgic Candy Mix



  2. Scottie Dogs® Black Licorice, 11.5 oz.

    …Gimbal confectioners handcraft these cute, little Scottie Dogs in the old world tradition, using real licorice root and pure anise. The taste is intense ... and amazing! Made from only the finest ingredients, these soft, chewy candies are bursting with flavor no licorice lover can resist! 11.5 oz.

    Scottie Dogs® Black Licorice, 11.5 oz.



  3. Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

    …dietary needs. The rich, chewy vanilla caramels are dipped in creamy milk chocolate then finished with a sprinkle of gourmet sea salt—and so yummy, you won't miss the sugar. Sweetened with maltitol and sorbitol, this sugar free candy is a thoughtful gift for the holidays or any occasion. 8 oz.

    Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels



  4. Sugar-Free Fruit Slices - 5 oz.

    Tender, sweet sugar free fruit slices are bursting with tangy fruit flavor so tasty, there's no need for sugar! Orange, cherry, lemon and lime candies are individually wrapped and sensibly sweetened with Splenda® and Maltitol. 5 oz.

    Sugar-Free Fruit Slices - 5 oz.



  5. Dark Chocolate Slices

    Enjoy a slice of pure delight! This classic treat comes in scrumptious flavors, perfect for holiday giving. Peel the foil wrapper from the chocolate, lightly tap on table, and they fall into even wedges—a rich flavor sensation in smooth, velvety chocolate. 5 oz.

    Dark Chocolate Slices



  6. Amaretto Dessert Cake

    Boasting the finest blend of real Amaretto, this moist dessert cake offers rich, velvety goodness in every luxurious bite. Made with homestyle quality and premium ingredients, the buttery fragrance fills the room at the first slice ... satisfying deliciously to the last crumb. 14 oz. each.

    Amaretto Dessert Cake



  7. Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar

    …richest dark chocolate with a hint of gourmet sea salt, this Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar is decadent, delicious, and only found here! Crafted in small batches by Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe, our Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Bar is exceptionally smooth and…

    Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe™ Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar



  8. Luncheon Creamy Broccoli Soup Mix & Crackers

    Hot, hearty, gourmet lunch is ready in minutes with savory soup mixes, complete with tasty crackers. Simply add water and enjoy! Each mix makes four 1-cup servings.

    Luncheon Creamy Broccoli Soup Mix & Crackers



  9. Dark Chocolate Sticks

    Impressive on a dessert tray or wrapped for holiday giving, these elegant treats make your celebration special. Gourmet orange, cherry or raspberry jelly is surrounded by rich dark chocolate for pure satisfaction in every bite. Each 10 oz. box includes 35 sticks.

    Dark Chocolate Sticks



  10. Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy - 13 oz.

    This beloved, old-world confection goes by many names ... sponge candy, angel food, seafoam, honeycomb and molasses puffs. With magical, caramelized sugar center that’s crisp at first, then melts marvelously in your mouth, this luxurious treat is drenched in creamy milk or decadent dark chocolate.…

    Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy - 13 oz.



  11. Spearmint Jelly Leaves

    …mint lovers since the 1950s, the chewy, sugared spearmint jelly leaves old fashion candy owes its ultra-fresh flavor to pure spearmint oil. The cool, jelly-like centers reward you with a burst of sweet, minty goodness, lingering on your taste buds for a good, long time. 1.5 lb. of jelly candy.

    Spearmint Jelly Leaves



  12. Chicken Broccoli Soup Mix

    Made by a small company who offers specialty foods that are easy, complete and DELICIOUS, this gourmet soup will change your mind about using a mix! No powdered, processed taste here ... the smooth, creamy chicken soup features sweet broccoli bursting with “fresh from the garden” flavor. A quick,…

    Chicken Broccoli Soup Mix



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