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  1. Pumpkin Streusel Coffee Cake

    …into dense, buttery batter for comforting, made-from-scratch goodness. Crumbly, swirled brown sugar, cinnamon and crunchy walnut streusel adds a sweet finish—treating your palate to a light crunch and bit of seasonal spice. Made with the finest, freshest ingredients, our Pumpkin Streusel Cake is…

    Pumpkin Streusel Coffee Cake



  2. Melissa & Doug® Food Fun Combine & Dine Dinners - Blue

    …detailed food pieces, while also learning about nutrition and the importance of making and eating balanced meals. Melissa & Doug® Food Fun Combine & Dine Dinners include proteins (steak, veggie patty, chicken breast, shrimp), grains and starches (rice and beans, 2-part burger bun, sweet potato…

    Melissa & Doug® Food Fun Combine & Dine Dinners - Blue



  3. Filled Strawberry Candy, 22 oz.

    From sweet strawberry hard candy exteriors to soft filled centers, this classic filled strawberry candy is just like the ones you snuck from the candy dish decades ago. Nestled in charming red and green strawberry wrappers, these fruit sweets are perfect for a red candy buffet and are sure to…

    Filled Strawberry Candy, 22 oz.



  4. 1990's Nostalgic Candy Mix

    …literally go back to the days when Fresh Prince ruled, Pokeman cards were prized possessions and you rocked the Macarena, these 90s sweets will remind you how sweet the 1990's were! The 1990's Nostalgic Candy Mix includes 1 of each: Skittles, Push Pop, Nerds, Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape, WarHeads,…

    1990's Nostalgic Candy Mix



  5. Original Gourmet® Premium Cookies

    …golden Danish cookies are a favorite year-round treat, delicious with coffee or tea, and a sweet surprise for Santa with a glass of cold milk! Loved for their crisp texture, buttery goodness and hint of sweetness, the classic Christmas cookies features four delicious varieties. Choose from 3 sizes:…

    Original Gourmet® Premium Cookies



  6. Filled Raspberry Candy, 14 oz.

    …candy? Did you let them melt in your mouth, or crunch through the sweet, glossy shells, getting straight to the soft raspberry centers? Maybe you need to try raspberry filled candy again ... because any way you savor this sweet old fashion candy is perfectly wonderful today! 14 oz. of raspberry…

    Filled Raspberry Candy, 14 oz.



  7. Caramel Creams® Candy, 12.5 oz., Set of 2

    …candy lovers decades ago! These beloved treats boast soft, chewy caramel wrapped around a sweet fondant center. Legendary since 1918 when the candymakers at Goetze’s first created these delightful caramels, each individually wrapped candy is still as soft, sweet and satisfying as you recall! 25 oz.

    Caramel Creams® Candy, 12.5 oz., Set of 2



  8. Maple Pecan Fudge

    Experience the old-fashioned goodness of fudge that's rich, creamy, and blissfully indulgent! In sweet maple pecan, these classic holiday confections are smooth, silky, and sure to disappear quickly! 12 oz. each.

    Maple Pecan Fudge



  9. Atomic Fireballs™

    …starts out sweet, then turns up the heat—and leaves you begging for more! With 15 million of this spicy cinnamon candy enjoyed each week, worldwide, the nostalgic classic has been delighting brave fans since 1954. Each long-lasting jawbreaker offers layers of fun, going from sweet to hot, then…

    Atomic Fireballs™



  10. Dad's® Rootbeer Barrel Candy & IBC Rootbeer Barrel Candy

    …treat! This old-fashioned mix of Dad's Root Beer Barrels and IBC root beer float candy combine classic root beer tingle with sweet, creamy vanilla flavor—offering smooth, sweet satisfaction. Perfect for candy dish, desk drawer or purse, these candy barrels are individually wrapped for the fresh,…

    Dad's® Rootbeer Barrel Candy & IBC Rootbeer Barrel Candy



  11. Taffy Town® Salt Water Taffy - 14 Oz.

    Like a sweet souvenir from your childhood, this classic assortment of salt water taffy is just as creamy, smooth and delicious as you remember! Taffy Town® salt water taffy comes in up to 15 assorted flavors nestled in a nostalgic box that's perfect for giving or serving. 14 ounces of Taffy Town®…

    Taffy Town® Salt Water Taffy - 14 Oz.



  12. Old Fashioned Candy Sticks

    Rediscover sweet shop goodness with this vintage tin, filled with classic old fashioned candy sticks in 12 flavors! These timeless Gilliam candy sticks are individually wrapped and bursting with flavors of Peppermint, Sour Apple, Tutti Frutti, Strawberry, Root Beer, Passion Fruit, Peaches and Cream,…

    Old Fashioned Candy Sticks



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