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  1. Boston Baked Beans 10.5 oz.

    …... still delicious, and still NOT beans! The crisp sugar shells deliver just a hint of sweetness, sealing in fresh, flavorful peanuts for a unique, tasty treat. Fun for your candy dish and pure bliss for snacking, these nostalgic Boston beans are a treat your whole family will love. 10.5 oz.

    Boston Baked Beans 10.5 oz.



  2. Dark Chocolate Sticks

    …holiday gathering or give a special someone a sweet surprise with a box of dark chocolate sticks from Miles Kimball. These delicious dark chocolate snacks look beautiful arranged on a serving platter and make an excellent Christmas candy gift or stocking stuffer. Each one is filled with gourmet…

    Dark Chocolate Sticks



  3. Jumbo Party-In-A-Box Gift Set

    For a hostess gift the whole party will love, go BIG with our crowd-pleasing Jumbo Party-In-A-Box Gift Set! A thrill for treat lovers of all ages, the generous gift includes 2 bags of Snappy® brand buttery microwave popcorn (3.5 oz. each), 1 movie theater box of Original Skittles® (4 oz.), 1 movie…

    Jumbo Party-In-A-Box Gift Set



  4. Jack'snak™ Original, 14oz.

    Treating your tastebuds to a jackpot of sweet-and-salty bliss, this gourmet Jack'snak™ original snack mix boasts honey toasted gourmet peanuts and honey toasted sesame crackers. Dealing up delicious pleasure for everyday munching or entertaining, the crowd-pleasing mix is packed fresh in a…

    Jack'snak™ Original, 14oz.



  5. Pearson's Mini Nut Rolls, 8 oz.

    The original Pearson's® Mini Salted Nut Rolls you love is now available in a crunchable, munchable MINI ... delivering sweet satisfaction in each bite-size bar. Just like the large size bars, each nut roll boasts a sweet, creamy nougat center surrounded in a layer of lush, buttery caramel and rolled…

    Pearson's Mini Nut Rolls, 8 oz.



  6. Reindeer Food Snack Mix

    Sure to be devoured by kids and adults, this scrumptious treat is delightfully addictive! It’s an irresistible mix of crunchy rice cereal drenched in rich milk chocolate and peanut butter, dusted with confectioner’s sugar for a sweet finish. Satisfied snackers have one word for this wonderful mix…

    Reindeer Food Snack Mix



  7. Jack'snak™ Spicy, 13oz.

    …spicy snack mix features honey roasted sesame chips, honey roasted peanuts, hot churritos and cajun corn sticks. Treating your tastebuds to a bold kick of flavor and satisfying texture, the crunchy, spicy party mix is packed fresh in a decorative tub. Perfect for parties and everyday snacking, it's…

    Jack'snak™ Spicy, 13oz.



  8. Hammonds® POP! Honey Peanut Popcorn, 6oz.

    Boasting the perfect mix of sweet, salty, peanutty goodness, Hammond's® POP! Honey Peanut Popcorn! Peanut butter and honey popcorn has snack lovers buzzing! The crisp, old-fashioned treat is made with perfectly popped popcorn and topped with a crisp, buttery glaze made with sweet honey and fresh…

    Hammonds® POP! Honey Peanut Popcorn, 6oz.



  9. Hammonds® Birthday Cake Marshmallows, 4oz.

    …cake candy treats are low in calories and deliciously satisfying. Float them in mugs of hot chocolate, serve as a garnish for birthday cake and ice cream, roast them for s'mores or enjoy these fun confections right out of the bag. Hammond's® Marshmallows make snacking a sweet celebration! 4 oz.

    Hammonds® Birthday Cake Marshmallows, 4oz.



  10. Mini Trail Mix Gift Tray by Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe 9 oz

    …premium assortment of milk chocolate candies, roasted peanuts, juicy raisins and natural raw almonds is a tasty pleasure for your own healthy snacking, and great to keep on hand for hostess gifts and hungry guests (especially grandkids!). Packed fresh and delicious in a party-ready tray, it's pure,…

    Mini Trail Mix Gift Tray by Mrs. Kimball's Candy Shoppe 9 oz



  11. Pecan Divinity 12 oz.

    Pecan divinity is truly divine. This old-fashioned pecan divinity candy harkens back to afternoons when your grandmother filled the kitchen with the smell of sweet perfection. Pecan divinity is handmade with whipped egg whites, fine pecans, and pure sugar, then lovingly crowned with a generous pecan…

    Pecan Divinity 12 oz.



  12. Cashew Log Roll

    These luscious, handmade confections boast light, fluffy, nougat, dipped in rich, buttery caramel and rolled in fresh, premium cashews. A sweet-and-salty southern favorite for over 90 years, this legendary treat is still made from an old family recipe ... and just as scrumptious today! 3 oz.

    Cashew Log Roll



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